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Offering the fantastic SYNERGISTIC RESEARCH POWERCELL 10 SE Mk III in "as new", pristine condition. It went from its factory sealed double box directly to my enclosed, ventilated wooden rack where it has resided since November 22, 2014. It was built on November 17, 2014 being under 9 months young. Will arrive to the lucky next audiophile just as it arrived to me with everything that was included in the factory sealed box.

New owner responsible for PayPal fee of 3% and FEDEX ground shipping charges with a minimum of $3500.00 insurance and signature upon delivery required.

Please read excerpt below from the Synergistic website....

The new PowerCell 10 SE Mk III and the Galileo PowerCell LE are direct trickle down technologies from our cost no object Galileo Research Program. The PowerCell 10 SE Mk III differs from the original SE significantly. The MK III’s Electromagnetic Cell has ramped up performance with the addition of precious metals at critical points within the cell structure along with a newly developed Ground Plane, which was developed during the Tranquility research program . With new TeslaPlex SE outlets and the use of an external”Active circuit” the new cell and additional new ground plane design yields a much lower noise floor and better ambient retrieval. Top all of this off by adding the new Element Copper/Tungsten AC power cord terminated with our new G07 wall plugs and using interchangeable Active Shielding modules “Enigma Bullets”.

The New Active modules allow an end user to change the sonic balance of the PowerCell 10 SE MK III from rich and warm with the Black Active Module to open and airy with the Silver Active Module and a hybrid of both Black and Silver with the Grey Active Module. Overall the new PowerCell 10 SE Mk III is a significant upgrade over the original and a more versatile line conditioner due to the new Element Copper/Tungsten AC Power Cord allows the conditioner to match a wider range of systems by simply changing out the Active Modules “Enigma Bullets” from Grey to Silver.

The Galileo PowerCell LE differs from the PowerCell 10 SE Mk III in it’s use of pure gold in addition to silver in it’s main EM Cell AND in its use of three additional EM Cells made from gold and silver for a total of 4 Active EM cells to the 10 SE Mk III’s use of only one Active EM Cell. The Galileo PowerCell LE embodies the cost no object performance of our $40,000 Galileo System Speaker Cables with only 20 chassis manufactured, we will only be able to build 20 units and half are already sold. Like the 10 SE Mk III, the Galileo LE comes standard with the new Element Copper/Tungsten AC power cord with user changeable Active Black, Grey, and Silver Modules. Both deliver world leading performance and have no competition in terms of what they deliver to a system.

The PowerCell10 SE Mk III’s performance is only bettered by the Galileo PowerCell LE and can directly compete with any line conditioner on the market from any manufacturer; it is a world class product. The Galileo PowerCell LE has no peer. Both of the new PowerCell’s are industry leading technologies and have no peer in terms of the performance enhancements they deliver when directly compared to any line conditioner on the market. Absent the Galileo LE, the new PowerCell 10 SE Mk III would have no competition, the Galileo version merely raises the bar even higher and was developed as a companion piece to the Galileo System interconnects and speaker cables.

PowerCell 10 SE MK III specs: Contsruction: SAR Acrylic Dimensions: Height 5.625″ x Width 17.75″ x Depth 14″ Weight: 19 lbs. Connector Input: 1 each Neutrik 32 amp PowerCon US Connectors Output: 10 each Synergistic Research TeslaPlex SE Voltage and current Rating Input Rating: 32 amp/250v US Version: This rating is predicated upon the US Outlet rating of 20amp/125v


everything that came in the factory sealed double box, enigma grey & silver bullets only.

Payment and Shipping
Pay By: Paypal, Money Order/Certified Check, COD Certified Check
Ship Weight: 30 lbs.
Ships To: USA and Canada
Shippers/Payer: FedEx / Paid by: Buyer
Shipping Notes: new owner must agree to cover PayPal fee 0f 3% as well as FEDEX ground shipping with $3500.00 insurance and signature required at time of delivery.

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