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Eastern Audio 5k/ 3k to 4/8 ohm - $225.00
Hello,This listing is for a pair of Eastern Electric Single Ended Tube Output Transformers. They have 3k and 5k ohm plate inputs, suitable for both 2A3 and 45 (and many other) applications. 8 and 4 ohm output taps. I have used these in S.E. 45 and 2A3 am...

Pete Riggle Audio VTAF for Rega Post Mount - $180.00
VTAF(tm), VTA ADJUSTMENT ON THE FLY FOR MANY TONEARM MODELS: Pronounced "vee-taff," for VTA on the Fly. Patented. Check out the VTAF web site: VTAF(tm) TONE ARMS TO WHICH THE VTAF HAS BEEN ADAPTED:The VTAF can be adapted to m...

Amperex + Philips ECG 7308 - $40.00
(5) JAN 7308 Amperex USA and JAN Philips ECG tubes. Dual triode type tubes. Military contract boxes. Suitable sub for 6DJ8 and 6922 types. Tested on cal’d Hickok 539C tester and checked in a stereo amp for any noise issues. Min transconductance is: 7000 umhos...

8' pair AudioQuest CinemaQuest 15 AWG - $45.00
New, just made from a spool. One pair 8', 15ga., terminated with 5/16" spade lugs. (also available AudioQuest Silver 3/16" spade lugs for barrier blocks and older screw type connectors, no extra charge) AQ SR15-2 Smooth Bunch Concentric LGO Coppe...

NOS Radio Shack 40-1354A Pair- Full Range 5 1/4" - $65.00
Hello,This listing is for a pair of the famous Radio Shack 40-1354 5 1/4" Full Range high efficiency loudspeaker drivers. They're in new condition, in their original boxes.I purchased these awhile back for a project that never left the ground. T...

Pete Riggle Engineering and Audio VTAF (tm) Teflon Upgrade - $36.00
Pete Riggle Engineering and Audio Announces the VTAF Teflon Upgrade:The best place to check out Pete Riggle Engineering and Audio products is at our web site: (pronounced "vee-taff") is an acronym for Vertical Tracking Angle o...

Pete Riggle Engineering and Audio VTAF For All SME Tonearm Models - $276.00
VTAF(tm), VTA ADJUSTMENT ON THE FLY FOR All SME TONEARMS: Check out the VTAF web site: click on . VTAF(tm), Patented, pronounced "vee-taff," for VTA on the Fly. Unlike other VTAF products, The VTAF for SME arms is not for eve...

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