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CES Prototype Gorgeous Boutique Tube Integrated Amplifier

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In 2017, an executive from a major electronics firm gifted me with this lovely, 15 watt, eight ohm prototype tube integrated amplifier he procured at a CES event several years ago. As with now, at the time, I had a pair of four ohm speakers (which are much harder to drive), so it sat unused until my powerful vintage Mark Levinson amplifier died. Then, I used this for several months connected to the upper posts in my speakers to drive the tweeter and midrange drivers (eight ohms), while my active subwoofer handled the lower frequencies (see photos). The resulting tube sound was warm, detailed and intoxicating!

Eventually, I replaced my Mark Levinson amp and this lovely integrated amplifier went back into storage. This past month, my

technician tested and measured it (he gave it the 15 watt power rating), replaced two tubes and gave it a clean bill of health.

This tube integrated amplifier has no branding, but is a solid and excellent unit good for driving efficient, eight ohm speakers such as bookshelf speakers (which I do not have). My loss is your gain!

It sports an excellent power source, uses a pair of Sovtek 12AX7 and four EL 84 tubes, has three pairs of RCA inputs (marked CD, TV and AUX, respectively) and a pair of high quality, gold plated speaker outputs. It also comes equipped with its own power cord.

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