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Audioquest Mont Blanc 4' 72DBS BiWire Speaker Cable ~ need TLC

Price:  $250.00
Days/Views:  346 / 372 (Posted 2019-08-02)
Condition: 4/10 Fair
Accessories: Original box
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This is a pair of Audioquest Mont Blanc Speaker cable that needs re termination. These are 4' (FOUR FEET) in length and terminated with PKSPADE to PKBFA banana plugs on the speaker ends. The banana plugs on one run need to be replaced due to an incident involving one of them darn cats. The other run seems fine (and works). I am not firm on the asking price since I don't know how much it will cost the new owner to send these to Audioquest for re termination. NOR WILL I SEND THESE TO AQ. If I haven't been able to have them re terminated for me (which I haven't) the ball is in your court. I had bought these used a few years ago and they were GREAT speaker cables! These include the box (which I will double box) and the bag and the 2 DBS battery packs (which have tape residue on them but work fine) but no batteries. So these need TLC which I never got around to and it is for you to decide if you want to invest that and the $$ it will take to get them in tip top shape again.


"AudioQuest Mont Blanc featuring AudioQuest’s proprietary Counter Spiral Geometry (reduces noise), Advanced SST design (reduces distortions), and patented DBS system (increases shielding), Mont Blanc is built like a reference-level cable and provides reference-level performance. It’s made of AudioQuest’s best Perfect Surface Copper + (PSC+) for exceptionally black backgrounds, astounding dynamic range, powerful deep bass, smooth midrange, and fabulous air and extension. Mont Blanc is highly recommended.

AudioQuest speaker cables are legendary in audiophile circles for their neutrality and resolution. For years, AudioQuest has worked tirelessly to achieve sonic neutrality in all their cables, regardless of price. Ensuring that music flows unchanged and uncolored requires removing the myriad distortions that occur when a signal flows through a cable. To accomplish this, AudioQuest bypassed conventional cable design and focused their efforts on both the physical properties and sonic characteristics of the conductors and connectors, as well as every other material used in the creation of their cables. This unorthodox approach has led to a number of innovations, the most celebrated of which is the Dielectric Bias System (DBS), a revolutionary and patented system of simultaneously protecting the conductors from outside interference and reducing distortion within the cable.

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Seller:  musetap   (Contact Seller)
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