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SOLD - $ 2400.00

Wavelength Audio Gemini 45/2A3 monoblock power amps by Gordon Rankin

Price:  $2,800.00
Original Price: $6,000.00
Days/Views:  29 / 1803 (Posted 2024-04-20)
Condition: 8/10 Very Good
Accessories: Original box, manual
More Info at: Wavelength Audio Gemini monoblock power amplifier
Seller:  Rod M   (Contact Seller)
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Feedback:  5.0/5.0

I love these amps, but I have too many and this one is sadly, for sale. Gordon Rankin is a perfectionist and it shows in his attention to detail and aesthetics.

If you have speakers in the 100db efficiency range, the 45 tube is the king of SET tubes. The Gemini will deliver about 2.5 watts using the 45 tube. However, flip a switch on the bottom and you can also use 2A3 tubes which can give you about 3.5 watts.

In addition to the 45 and 2A3s, the amps use one 6V4 / EZ80 and one 417A / 5842 each. Gordon Rankin uses the best build quality with Magnequest transformers as well. I will include the tubes pictured as backups and also include a pair of NOS 45s, 2A3s, 6V4s and 5842s. If you desire more tubes, I can also provide them as I have a fair supply which I'll be selling.

The Wavelength Audio Gemini is what's sometimes classified as a "boutique product": one handbuilt by its designer, with the micro-tuning of design, attention to detail, and level of craftsmanship that this implies. While not inexpensive, it's actually the lowest-priced amplifier that Wavelength makes. The Gemini's need for high-sensitivity speakers and its inability to exploit those speakers' full dynamic range mean that it's not the amplifier for everyone—but then, I don't know of any amplifier that is. What the Gemini offers, particularly when equipped with 45 tubes, is transparency, detail, harmonic "rightness," and an ability to maximize musical values with a minimum of electronic artifacts. For those who value these characteristics more than sheer loudness, the Gemini may in fact be the ideal amplifier.

Here's a review: JeffR review

BTW: The large hole in the bottom of the amps allows you to flip the switch to change between 45 and 2A3 tubes.

I can provide more pictures, just ask.

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Seller:  Rod M   (Contact Seller)
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