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SOLD - $ 3000.00

Stealth Audio Dream Speaker Wires

Price:  $3,000.00
Original Price: $10,000.00
Days/Views:  4180 / 2278 (Posted 2013-01-13)
Condition: 9/10 Excellent/Like New
Seller:  thetubeguy1954   (Contact Seller)
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Feedback:  5.0/5.0

ATTN: New Even Lower Asking Price!

Up for your perusal is an 8ft pair of Stealth Audio's very best loudspeaker wires with spade lugs connectors on both ends, called "The Dream" and a Dream is exactly what these speaker wires are. Without a doubt, these are best speaker wires I've ever used or not heard. The reason I'm saying "not heard" is because these speaker wires have the least editorizing effect of any speaker wire I've ever used in any system. Unlike many other ADs for wires I'm not going to tell you "these Dream speaker wires will transform the sound of your audio system, because the truth is they won't do that, nor should they or any other speaker wires you ever use! The reason wires shouldn't transform your system is because if any wire "transforms" the sound of your audio system (even if you think it a transformation for the better) those wires are editorizing or altering the sound of your audio components and that's the last thing any wires, be they ICs, digital, or speaker wires should do!

Ok then, you're probably wondering "if" the Dream wires are that good, why am I sell them, right? Well unfortunately I was diagnosed with prostrate cancer a in April 2012 and as much as it killed me ---perhaps a poor choice of words--- I've already sold my Stealth top-of-the-line Sakra ICs I had installed in my system. So sadly these Dream speaker wires are next in line to go to cover the rising medical bills that keep adding up! So what I'm looking for is to sell these $10K wires for something like $2K and a pair of nice of Magnan Audio Cable signature or perhaps other comprable speakerwiresnor for $3000 cash! Remember these cost $10,000 new!

For those who care about these things, these are part of a previously ---{remember the Sakra ICs were already sold}--- all Stealth wired highend audio system that consisted of:

Mastersound Reference 845, {Integrated SET Amp)

Audio-gd CD-7FV (transport)

Audio-gd Reference 7.1 (DAC)

Sachiko cabinets w/Fostex FE208ES-R & Fostex T900a (Speakers)

Rullit Late Gothic (Interconnects) (I installed these to replace the Stealth Sakras ICs I had to sell to pay some of these rising medical bills.)

Stealth Dream (Speaker Wires)

Stealth M-21 Super (Power Cords) (2)

Note: I accept paypal and USPS money orders only. Paypal & shipping/insurance costs are to be paid by the buyer. I'll cover palpay, shipping & insurance costs ONLY if my asking price is met! As always I've been as honest as I possibly can be in my description. To me these look like new (9 - Excellent/Like New), but I listed them as an (8 - Very Good) because I don't want one of those sticklers that will look at the wires with a magnifying glass, find some small pull in the outer cover or something like that and then start complaining because they don't look like new! That said, these are a used audio item so while there is no warranty is expressed or implied. I do know'll they work as they should when they arrive.

These are in excellent, like new condition, and they should be because since I received them I've only removed them from their box, installed them in my system and have never moved them since! If you'd like additional photos, if you'd like more information than I provided, or wish to make an offer lower than $2K + trade or $3K cash, please either email me at thetubeguy1954(at)yahoo(dot)com or call me at (407) 207-4364

Payment and Shipping
Pay By: Paypal, Money Order/Certified Check
Ship Weight: 15 lbs.
Ships From: 32828 (Orlando, FL)
Ships To: USA and Canada
Shippers/Payer: UPS, FedEx, Postal / Paid by: Buyer
Shipping Notes: Buyer pays shipping, insurance, and paypal costs, unless my asking price is met.

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Seller:  thetubeguy1954   (Contact Seller)
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Location:  Orlando, Fla, United States
Registered on:  2001-01-07
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