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***** Fast payment, good communications, easy transaction. Excellent!
ghost of olddude55 on 05/05/2020

Cuernavaca's feedback to ghost of olddude55 on 05/05/2020
***** Fast and easy transaction, cartrisge was well packed and shipped

***** Great communication, prompt shipping, bulletproof packaging. Highly recommended!
Armstdav on 11/16/2019
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Cuernavaca's feedback to Armstdav on 11/17/2019
***** David purchased my Musical Fidelity M1VINL, fast payment and a pleasure all the way around. AA++ Asylum member!!

***** Perfect cables as described and lightning fast shipping as well ! Thanks
drumzncarz on 10/27/2019
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Cuernavaca's feedback to drumzncarz on 10/27/2019
***** Fast payment and smooth transaction, thanks very much. AA++

***** Always a pleasure - Easy fast transaction. - Glad you like em.
ringwear on 11/30/2017
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Cuernavaca's feedback to ringwear on 11/30/2017
***** Nice headphones, well packed and shipped quickly. Thanks very much!!

***** Just a extremely smooth, pleasant transaction with no hassle. Thank you!
waxwaves on 09/29/2017
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Cuernavaca's feedback to waxwaves on 09/29/2017
***** Nice tubes, packed well and shipped really fast. Thanks!!

***** Smooth transaction. Excellent item, prompt shipping, careful packing and top-rated communication. A+. Thanks!
ecod on 06/08/2017
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Cuernavaca's feedback to ecod on 06/08/2017
***** Fast and easy transaction. Quick payment and communications. AA++ Asylum member!!

***** Items exactly as described,very quick shipping,excellent communication-Highly Recommended.Thank You!
RON L on 07/26/2016

Cuernavaca's feedback to RON L on 07/25/2016
***** Smooth transaction, fast payment, friendly communications. Thanks!!

***** Perfect transaction in every way. Thanks!
trav on 06/24/2016
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Cuernavaca's feedback to trav on 06/24/2016
***** Smooth transaction, fast payment, friendly communications. Thanks!!

***** Recommended inmate with intelligent question, fast pay, perfect transaction Thank you
renart on 03/16/2016
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Cuernavaca's feedback to renart on 03/16/2016
***** Nice tube dampers, fast shipping, a real smooth transaction. AA++ Asylum member!!

***** Easy fast transaction. Fast shipping. Couldn't havebeen easier. I hope no one sues me for saying this guy is 5 stars. ;-)
ringwear on 03/16/2016
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Cuernavaca's feedback to ringwear on 03/16/2016
***** Fast payment, easy transaction. Thanks very much, AA++

***** Fair price, quick to ship, very good packing, great communication, A+ Asylum Inmate !
david991 on 11/27/2015
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Cuernavaca's feedback to david991 on 11/19/2015
***** Fast, smooth transaction. Friendly communications and quick payment. AA++ Asylum member, Enjoy the Allesandros!!

***** Great doing business again with Cuernavaca. A man true to his word, and knowledgeable audiophile. I wish more were like him.
Jallen on 10/16/2015

Cuernavaca's feedback to Jallen on 10/16/2015
***** Nice tubes, very well packed and shipped quickly. AA++ all the way!!

***** Instant pay, no hassle, great communication - thanks and enjoy the cart!!
Eddieh on 08/14/2015
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Cuernavaca's feedback to Eddieh on 08/14/2015
***** Smooth transaction, really nice item well packed and fast shipping. AA++ Asylum member!!

***** Great buyer! He is a veteran and is straight forward. He pays immediately and is very nice to talk to. A+++
Enochrome on 03/24/2015
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Cuernavaca's feedback to Enochrome on 03/20/2015
***** Nice cartridge, very safely packed and shipped promptly. Thanks!! AA++

***** Item as described, very quick shipment, careful packaging. Thank you...
shallow pockets on 03/19/2015
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Cuernavaca's feedback to shallow pockets on 03/19/2015
***** Smooth transaction, quick payment, friendly communications. Thanks!!

***** Great communication, super fast shipping, item arrived as described. A++++++++!
dawgfish1 on 01/07/2015
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Cuernavaca's feedback to dawgfish1 on 01/07/2015
***** Smooth transaction, fast payment, I wish they were all this easy!! AA++

***** Excellent, fast, good communication. A true Inmate!
olddude55 on 11/06/2014

Cuernavaca's feedback to olddude55 on 11/03/2014
***** Nice cartridge, very well packed and shipped fast. Thanks!!

***** Cartridge exactly as described. Secure packing. Fast shipping. Great communication. Thanks.
smype on 09/23/2014
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Cuernavaca's feedback to smype on 09/23/2014
***** Fast payment and friendly communications. Smooth transaction, Thanks!!

***** Great transaction, very fast payment, a pleasure to deal with, A+++
synsurd on 05/15/2014
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Cuernavaca's feedback to synsurd on 05/15/2014
***** Very nice power cables, a true bargain! Shipped promptly. Thanks!

***** Accurate description, nice packing and great communication. Thanks!
Crestwood23 on 02/08/2014
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Cuernavaca's feedback to Crestwood23 on 02/08/2014
***** Perfect transaction, fast payment and friendly communications. AA++, Thanks!!

***** It is very gradifing to do business with a true gentleman and fellow audiophile. I had alot packing to do and he was very patient and understanding. A pleasure to work with him! on 12/13/2013
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Cuernavaca's feedback to on 12/13/2013
***** Nice item, well packed and shipped promptly, AA+ Asylum member! Thanks, Ivan!!

***** Attentive, quick payment, a pleasure.
astock on 11/27/2013
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Cuernavaca's feedback to astock on 11/27/2013
***** Nice item, packed for nuclear holocaust, fast shipping. AA++ Asylum member!!

***** Superb trader, tubes were ├╝ber safely packed for a long distance journey and tested perfectly !!
coolhand on 09/27/2013
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Cuernavaca's feedback to coolhand on 09/27/2013
***** Fast and easy transaction, Highly recommended Asylum member. Thanks!!

***** Nice one of a kind handmade headshell. Works great with nude Denon DL-103. Perfect way to keep the cartridge nude and mix in some resonance.
ringwear on 09/05/2013
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Cuernavaca's feedback to ringwear on 09/05/2013
***** Pat bought one of my hardwood headshells, perfect transaction. Thanks!!

***** Fast payment and a good guy to deal with, Thank you
amioutaline? on 06/24/2013
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Cuernavaca's feedback to amioutaline? on 06/27/2013
***** Nice tonearm, very well packed and shipped promptly. AA++ seller! Thanks!!

***** Thomas is a great asset to the AA community - hope you enjoy the cables!
watercourse on 05/26/2013
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Cuernavaca's feedback to watercourse on 05/26/2013
***** Smooth transaction, nice tonearm cable and fast shipping. AA++ Thanks!!

***** Great buyer. Good communication and prompt payment. Thanks
lss on 03/17/2013
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Cuernavaca's feedback to lss on 03/16/2013
***** Nice cartridge, well packed and shipped promptly. AA++ seller!!

***** Great seller. Excellent communication and quick to ship. Item was packed for war. Would buy from again.
airdronian on 03/16/2013
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Cuernavaca's feedback to airdronian on 03/16/2013
***** Smooth transaction, fast payment and fast communication. Perfect!

***** Great buyer. Qucik communication, prompt payment, very easy to deal with.
Mister Pig on 03/02/2013

Cuernavaca's feedback to Mister Pig on 02/27/2013
***** Nice cartridge, well packed and shipped promptly. AA++ seller!!

***** Fast, easy to deal with. A no nonsense member. An asset to AA
wires on 02/14/2013

Cuernavaca's feedback to wires on 02/13/2013
***** Nice cables, well packed and fast shipping, Thanks very much!!! AA++ seller!!

***** Great seller. Cartridge arrived quick and safe. Well packed and in very good condition. Thank you!!! on 12/08/2012
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Cuernavaca's feedback to on 12/08/2012
***** AA++transaction, fast payment and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks!!

***** Excellent buyer paid fast wouldnot hesitate to buy or sell from AAA
Frank I on 11/26/2012
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Cuernavaca's feedback to Frank I on 11/26/2012
***** Nice cables, well packed and fast shipping, Thanks very much!!!

***** Excellent buyer and pleasant transaction. Thank you.
volunteer on 10/19/2012
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Cuernavaca's feedback to volunteer on 10/18/2012
***** Nice item, well packed and shipped very fast!! AA++ Thanks!!

***** Fast smooth transaction, a pleasure to deal with. Thanks.
Paul Tobin on 10/02/2012
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Cuernavaca's feedback to Paul Tobin on 10/11/2012
***** Smooth transaction, excellent cartridge, well packed and really fast shipping from Australia!! Thanks very much!!

***** Tom gets my highest AA Trader recommendation. Sincere person, who says what he does, does what he says, and was very easy to deal with. Thank you very, very much
Trelja on 09/09/2012
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Cuernavaca's feedback to Trelja on 09/06/2012
***** Nice tubes, well packed and shipped promptly. A++ seller, Thanks!!

***** Tom was very helpful, offered his time to teach me a bit and hooked my up with a nice turntable along with the AT130E. Sounds Wonderful! Thank you so much Tom!
fxxm747 on 08/09/2012
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Cuernavaca's feedback to fxxm747 on 08/09/2012
***** Smooth transaction, fast payment and a pleasure!! Enjoy the cartridge!

***** A patient, responsive, honest and fast seller. Perfect transaction. Many thanks!!!
Dual on 07/26/2012
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Cuernavaca's feedback to Dual on 07/26/2012
***** Smooth transaction, quick payment and communications. Thanks!!

***** unused AT7V arrived in less than a week and was in great shape. Thanks.
leisual on 07/02/2012
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***** Bought his Ortofon MCA 76 MC head amp.Arrived well packed and quickly. Excellent person to deal with; knowledgable and helpful.
yrreb1 on 05/11/2012

Cuernavaca's feedback to yrreb1 on 05/11/2012
***** Smooth transaction, fast payment and great coomunication. AA++

***** Bought a Rega RB-300. Paid immediately and was a gentlemen who communicated thoroughly. This is the second transaction with, the other I was the buyer and it was just as smooth. Highly recommended!
Enochrome on 03/25/2012

Cuernavaca's feedback to Enochrome on 03/23/2012
***** Nice tonearm, expertly packed and shipped promptly. AA++ Thanks!!

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