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Aeco ABP-1111S Silver Plated Copper Banana Plugs

Price:  $90.00
Original Price: $148.00
Days/Views:  111 / 54 (Posted 2022-08-18)
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Hi Guys,

This is my third ad | so let’s take it out with a bang | shall we?. Basically these are silver plated copper banana plugs, which don’t require soldering as they can be attached with set screws making said task easier for a lot of use | I’ve merely decided after nights | nights of in-depth researching, I’ve like to take the sound of my SCs in a slightly different sonic direction | namely using either rhodium or red copper banana plugs | as my primary SCs are silver plated copper by design, but in truth as they’ve replaced a pair of $2.750 | 12’ pair of domestically built SCs, let’s just say, I don’t see replacing them anytime soon.

Which then leads me to the fact I’ve about 7 different brands ( platings of chrome | gold | silver ) just sitting here, of which at some point I’m looking to place onto 3 bulk type SCs, which are in turn sitting here waiting to be done, yet just don’t have the energy to list them all, so thought I’d merely offer the costlier of them, besides the Monosaudio Gold Plated Copper ones that is which cost $74 per 8.

As I’m well aware I’ll never be using silver plated copper types again, as I’ve found out of late, to mix for banana ( bfa types ) plugs made of silver plated copper | with SCs of the same type of plating, how does one put it?, can come across as overly analytical | bright | aggressive if you will.

Hence said offer. Here’s what the actual company has to say about their design:

The conductor is made from high-purity coppef ( Tellirium Coppef ) with 120u” Silver Plating ( no nickel base ).

The body of the plug was lathed in ond piece to avoid the signal anc conduction loss.

The interface was continued with hollow design.

Spiral pattern to maintain the insertion force | will adjust the shape into perfect size based on the binding post.

It can be used for soldering type or screw type.

The cable opening hold can be adjusted to 4.5mm or 6.5mm through the POM sleeve.

Hair-line surface treatment shows the high quality of said designing techniques.

This product is only suitable for 4.00mm binding post ( not for 4.1mm ).

Please insert with clockwise moment while placing the banana plug into the binding post for the first time.

The interface will adjust the shape due to binding post size | cause it to be formed to the proper size.

Material : Body: Tellurium Copper (#C14500 / copper contains over 99%) Head lock: POM Ring: Brass alloy (#C3604)    Shell: Brass alloy (#C3604) Screw for conductor: Brass alloy (#C3604) Screw for cable: Iron

ABP-1111S Body: 120u" Silver plating (no nickel base) Ring: 120u" Silver plating (no nickel base) Screw for conductor: 3u" Gold plating (no nickel base.

Electrical Characteristics: Contact resistance < 0.3 mOhm (It was test by ABI-0601.)

Dimensions: Biggest OD 9.0mm Cable hole without sleeve 6.5mm Cable hole with sleeve 4.5mm Total Length 43.0mm

Packing: Vacuum Bag ( Set Of 8 )

As I should have stated, this is for a set of 8, which covers a stereo pair of speakers | yet bi-wired speakers, unless someone is using a set of 4 on the high frequency binding post of their speakers?, I’d say it isn’t going to work, unless once again you’ve chosen to bypass the tweeter’s post with jumpers made of the same brand of wiring as your primary SCs or leave the plated metal jumpers intact.

Thanks for viewing my ad(s) | here’s hoping to hear from you on said offer. My price is more than fair, so please don’t ask if I’d be willing to sell them for less, the answer is no.

Be well | Stay safe.

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