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PYON SOUND ART SPIRA II Ultra Tuning Feet Set of 3, for your turntable or?

Price:  $139.00
Original Price: $400.00
Days/Views:  57 / 1091 (Posted 2024-05-19)
Condition: 8/10 Very Good
Seller:  MOONCRIKIT   (Contact Seller)
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Feedback:  5.0/5.0

Up for grabs is a set of three Pyon Sound Art SPIRA II tuning feet in very good condition. If you haven't heard of Pyon Sound Art, they are an ultra hi-end turntable company from Korea that fabricates some of the nicest vinyl gear and unique accessories in the world. I have used these under various pieces of equipment with excellent results be it fairly heavy amps such as my Wells Audio Innamorata Signature, power conditioners, Datasat pre/pro even my Lampi Amber 3SE dac. Please read the following manufactures description and an audiophiles review following thereafter...

Manufacturers description... The SPIRA II is a high performance tuning feet set with the highest cost/performance ratio in the current Hi-Fi audio market. Upon installation, the SPIRA II immediately improves sonic performance by rendering solider bass and higher resolution for audiophile dreams. The SPIRA II is designed to actively absorb, dissipate, drain, and eliminate the unwanted vibration and resonance energy from an applied audio component. Unlike competing tuning feet products only with a single mechanism, the SPIRA II boasts multiple structures and mechanisms to control vibration and resonance energy. The SPIRA II’s unique suspension mechanism offers the best absorption and quelling performance of initial vibration and resonance energy. The suspension mechanism employs our exclusive and patented multiple spiral disc springs with the various modulus of elasticity. The remained vibration and resonance energy after the suspension treatment is dissipated and eliminated through the precision-devised triple ceramic ball mechanism which converts the vibration energy into heat energy. As its load capacity is in practical range from 10lbs to 45lbs (5Kg~20Kg) and its height is just 1.2 inches (31mm), the SPIRA II can be readily applied under various audio rack or shelf environment to improve the performance of CD players, CD transports, DA converters, preamps, turntables, etc. Also, a Heavy-Duty version (up to 100lbs or 50Kg) is available for additional cost. The effect of the SPIRA II is immediate under any environment and clearly recognizable even by a novice audiophile including but not limited to audiophile's wife and family....^^ For example, a low-end CD player with the SPIRA II sounds like a mid-end CD player immediately. Likewise, a $2500 CDP is elevated to perform like a $5000 CDP right after the application of a SPIRA II set. Simply, its cost-to-performance ratio is one of the worlds best and the buyer is often rewarded as much as up to 10 times for his/her investment on the SPIRA II.

Audiophile review... The below is the observation by a veteran audiophile on the SPIRA ultimate tuning feet which is an original version of and the bigger brother to the SPIRA II. Pyon Sound SPIRA Ultra Tuning Feet 1 set of 3 SPIRA (standard 10–30kg) on the Esoteric D-03 DAC I used Track 2 from Blue Mind by Anne Bisson for the initial comparison. It was immediately obvious that the SPIRA outperformed my reference ebony feet. The sound was much more transparent right across the entire frequency range. This clarity enabled an immediate comprehension of the physical space with a natural rendering of the scale of both performers and their instruments providing a more visceral sound with sustained decay. Voices sounded more embodied with a stronger relationship to the venue with its reflective characteristics more obvious without becoming distracting. Textural details previously buried within the overall sound suddenly seemed to be startlingly clear, yet never just bringing attention to themselves. Pyon Sound SPIRA Ultra Tuning Feet 1 set of 3 SPIRA (heavy duty 20–50kg) on the Esoteric P-03U CD Transport. This second set of SPIRA added greater finesse in the depiction of performers in space with better separation of instruments and increased layering in an already enhanced soundstage. Cymbals now shimmered with greater clarity, without any harshness, decaying even longer without any undue emphasis and with even more obvious harmonic richness. These increased textural details are evident right across the spectrum from the dramatic bowed bass and tympani to the harmonic richness of the gut strung Renaissance lute. After initially testing the chosen reference discs I spent several hours listening to dozens more recordings across all playback formats and I was convinced that adding the SPIRA has definitely had a major effect in my system from one of the lightest components (preamp) to the heaviest (digital transport).

Asking $139.00 delivered in the CONUS...

SELLER REMARKS: *I do not accept any form of PayPal since PayPal is now tracking seller sales. $0 fees if using Zelle. I also accept (must clear before shipping, if applicable) bank check, cashiers check, wire transfer and postal money orders. Priority mail shipping (insurance after $50 not included) (CONUS ONLY) included. Only available to AUDIO ASYLUM "verified" members with numerous positive feedbacks and transaction histories. (Others must verbally contact by phone to be qualified) Will only ship to verified addresses. Non-CON US buyers are subject to a convenience surcharge and are responsible for additional shipping costs, any and all duties, import taxes, tariffs, brokerage fees etc. and are solely responsible if lost, stolen or damaged in transit and must pay by Zelle or wire transfer only.

Please, if interested, contact me directly via email @ PJB1233@MSN.COM as the notifications through the site are sporadic and I rarely ever receive them.

Nickel & dime price shoppers need not apply :)

RETURNS: There is no warranty on this device. Sold ‘AS IS’ with NO RETURNS!

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: By purchasing this device I am advertising on A.A., you are indicating that you understand your responsibilities as a buyer for used electronics. Your inquiry also indicates that you have read the text in the listing, reviewed the images and understand the device is used, and is sold to you in "as is" condition. Your purchase ultimately indicates that you agree with the terms and conditions set forth by A.A. and herein this listing.

Your gov't's own import tax, duty, brokerage, and shipping fees are buyer's responsibility.

Any "active" item that I list for sale is throughly tested to clearly pass signal/music via each and every input and output, if applicable. For "passive" items such as cables, are tested for shorts and continuity with an audible continuity tester as well as a V.O.M. This testing happens prior to disconnection (for active gear) and once again before packing it up.

Includes: all as mentioned in the description original box. But will be seriously wrapped & packed for safe delivery...

Additional Information:

the measured dimensions are 2 5/8" across by 1.25" tall...

Includes: three tuning feet

Payment and Shipping
Pay By: Personal Check after it clears, Money Order/Certified Check
Ships From: 33186 (Miami, FL)
Ships To: USA Only
Shippers/Payer: Postal / Paid by: Buyer
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Seller:  MOONCRIKIT   (Contact Seller)
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