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Magnus MA-400 Stereo Power Amp

Price:  $3,500.00
Original Price: $7,950.00
Days/Views:  406 / 253 (Posted 2023-03-12)
Condition: 8/10 Very Good
Accessories: Manual
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Reluctantly, I’m selling my Magus MA-400 solid state amp. This is really a great amp. It has given me nothing but amazing sounding pleasure. I’m selling it because I’m moving & getting an Integrated Amp. It’s all about space. So my lost is someone’s great fine. I rated it an 8 to be conservative. Buyer is responsible for shipping & PayPal if used. Pick up is also available. Please see my 100% feedback on Agon. I posted a review by Terry London below. This is what he said..

The MA-400 is rated Class A/B 250 watts into eight ohms and 500 A/B watts into four ohms. The first 25 watts, into either eight or four ohms, are pure Class A. Additionally, it uses 24 carefully selected and matched MOSFET output transistors of very high quality.

The MA-400 is constructed of high-quality internal parts, is hand-built, and has massive current reserves that can control and drive virtually any speaker on today's market. • Its overall sonic signature is silky-smooth and slightly warm, with the type of tonality/color timbres that normally are associated with tube-based amplifiers. • Because it has a high level of transparency, it renders micro-details with great clarity and has an airy/detailed sweet top end. • It delivers a powerful and taut foundation to the music because of its quick and dynamic presentation of the low-end frequencies. • Its spatial qualities--such as air around individual players, realistic size of the soundstage, and where the different players are located--are excellent and very tube-like when compared with many solid state-designs that compress space and sound somewhat flat and less three-dimensional.

Comparison and Competition Two competitive amplifiers that match the price point of the MA-400 are the Aesthetix Atlas, retailing for $8,000, and the Sanders Sound Magtech, retailing for $5,500. The Magtech is a very neutral, detailed amplifier. It also delivers very well-controlled dynamics and bottom-end extension, but it falls way short in two sonic parameters. First, the MA-400 has beautiful, lifelike tonal colors/timbres that are lacking in the Sanders amplifier. Secondly, Magtech does not have the overall silky smoothness of the MA-400 that allows you to relax into the music. On the other hand, the Aesthetix Atlas comes much closer to the colors/timbres and smoothness of the MA-400; however, it lacks the ability to present spatial qualities in a three-dimensional way in comparison to the MA-400, along with not being able to match the powerful dynamics and lower-end grunt of the Magnus amplifier.

Conclusion I stated at the beginning of this review that I was very curious if Canary Audio could bring the same "musical touch" of its tube-based equipment to its solid-state Magnus line. The answer is a resounding yes. The MA-400 has tube-like sonic qualities, such as richer and more natural colors/tonality/timbres, three-dimensional imaging, and a grainless liquidity not often found in solid-state amplifiers. However, this does not come at the expense of transparency and micro-details or a lack of dynamics and lower-frequency extension or control. I believe that--based on performance, quality of parts, and the high level of construction--the Magnus Audio MA-400 stereo amplifier belongs in the higher echelon of solid-state equipment on today's market.

Thanks for looking

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Ships To: USA and Canada
Shippers/Payer: UPS, FedEx / Paid by: Buyer
Shipping Notes: Pick up is available

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