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HH Scott LK-150 60 Watt Stereo TUBE Power Amp LC-21 PreAmp PLUG & PLAY LK150

Price:  $2,950.00
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American Made HH Scott LK-150 TUBE Power Amp and LC-21 PreAmp (similar to the Scott 130) The LK-150 with 60 Watts per channel was one of the most powerful tube amps on the market.

The LC21 Preamp and LK150 PowerAmp are a matched pair, the power 6550 tubes are a matching quartet of old stock original Tung-Sol made in USA tubes dated 1961.

Unit has been fully restored and checked up by a McIntosh trained bay area technician recently. Works flawlessly, no hum or distortion.

Specifications Power output: 60 watts per channel (stereo)

Total harmonic distortion: 0.5%

Damping factor: 16

Input sensitivity: 1.5V

Signal to noise ratio: 85dB

Speaker load impedance: 4Ω to 16Ω

Valve complement: 2 x 7199, 4 x 6550, 2 x GZ34/5AR4,

Year: 1961

Item is located in San Francisco. Happy to demonstrate the unit when you come by. Pls contact me for more pictures.

Due to its weight, shipping of the amp is not possible

The HH Scott LC-21 is a clean, straightforward 12AX7 based preamp. Fairly rare, it was only sold from about 1961-63. It was intended as the front end for the mighty Scott LK-150 power amp, which pushed about 60 WPC from it’s 6650A/KT-88 outputs.

The LC-21 has multiple unique features that precisely match my desires for a high quality vintage tube preamp:

Clean & simple design with commonly available 12AX7 tubes – Easy to service! Two phono inputs – I have two turntables A “flat”(mic) setting for the phono inputs – Lets you digitize old 78 and LP records and then re-EQ in post, after you’ve de-noised. Also enables real time 78 listening Comprehensive mono/stereo switching and polarity invert or “phase” – Useful for checking speaker and cartridge phase and listening to old records and mono sources Buffered line outs – The better to drive a solid sate amp, my dear! A mono mix output – Useful for a sub or a mono monitor speaker Aesthetically pleasing – The gold faceplate looks nice with my other Scott eqpt. and helps with the “PAF” (Partner Acceptance Factor) issue

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