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Stone Image Audio Custom 2A3/45 Tube Amplifier Passive Preamp

Price:  $825.00
Days/Views:  34 / 717 (Posted 2024-04-15)
Condition: 9/10 Excellent/Like New
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For Sale: Custom designed, one of a kind, 2A3/45 tube amp, (or any SE amplifier (s/s or tubed) under 5 watts) dual-mono passive preamplifier, two switchable inputs, as well as two switchable outputs, which means if you use for example, a 2a3 tube amplifier, as well as a RCA 45 tube amplifier (or First Watt amp) in your audio system, you can have both amplifiers wired into this passive preamplifier, then simply by flipping a switch, you can listen to either amplifier. This preamp uses premium Cardas rhodium plated copper rca jacks, pure coin-silver input/output switches, pure silver wiring to make a very short signal path....less than 12 inches total from input to output. Compare than with the average active preamp having the elecronic equivilent of over a mile+ of signal path......which tells you why transparency of this preamp is unrivaled. An absolute state of the art build, using two, 24 position premium Swiss-made Elma make-before-break switches in series-wired dual-mono attenuators, using a custom taper design specifically for low wattage SE amplification. These two custom-designed and built dual mono volume attenuators use ultra-premium Shinkoh Tantalum resistors (48 of them!), which are still considered to be the ultimate and most musical resistor ever made. And trust me when i tell you the Shinkohs are no longer available anywhere on this planet!!! And no....the latest attempt by Audio Note to duplicate the same sound/quality of the Shinkoh tantalum resistors has been a total failure, just like their first attempt at cloning the Shinkoh resistor. The sound of this dual-mono passive preamp must be heard to appreciate.....even then, to describe the absolute sheer transparency and extreme musical nature in it's sound would be very hard to do. There are only two of these preamplifiers on earth today, i own both, and am selling one of them. This complete preamplifier was totally designed to work with my favorite amplifiers since 1990, my 2a3 amplifier, and my RCA 45 tube amplifier, however any SE EL84, 6V6GT, or any other tube amplification less than approx. 5 watts can be used with this preamp.(including most high-end Spud amplification) Small wattage SE amplifiers benefit most from using this passive preamp because it is designed to keep a passive preamp from "over-attenuating" a low wattage amp. When a passive preamp using typical 100K, audio-taper attenuators, they will seriously rob the power from your low-wattage tube amplifier.....leaving dynamics and pace altered and flat. The magic of this preamplifier is in it's custom-designed taper which allows a very smooth, and highly accurate volume control setting, which extends and uses the complete full rotation of the dial.......rather than "bunching-up" all the volume adjustment between the "ten to two" noon positions on your volume dial. Even the feel when adjusting the volume gives you a very precision feel to adjustments when using them. The other half of this passive preamplifiers success comes from using the absolute best of the best resistors in these attenuators.....something that even today, no other company other than Shinkoh has ever been able to duplicate. The sheer transparency, as well as the Shinkoh's ability to give a listener a very deep look into the music, while preserving the complete harmonic integrity with their silky and seductive lushness which no other resistor has ever been able to do..... which is very sad to see the Shinkoh tantalum resistor now gone forever. As per normal, i do NOT accept Paypal, or any other internet third party payment. I am an old school gentleman who will accept only US Postal money orders, or personal checks......I ask for US postal M/O only because my banking facility sees a USPS m/o the same as cash, so i can ship the same day i receive funds. I will also accept a personal check, which i will ship as soon as check clears my banking facility. (normally one to two days). The aesthetics of this preamp is also a plus, i build all of my equipment to be a one of a kind piece of artwork....this preamp uses frosted 3/4 inch thick acrylic, which are held together by heavy stainless steel button head screws. The preamplifier feet are acoustically sound EAR sound-dampening feet. dimensions of this preamp are 10.5inches wide by 12inches deep, by 5.25inches tall. Extremely fine sounding one of a kind design.

Payment and Shipping
Pay By: Personal Check after it clears, Money Order/Certified Check
Ship Weight: 10 lbs.
Ships From: 49461 (Whitehall, MI)
Ships To: USA Only
Shippers/Payer: FedEx, Postal / Paid by: Buyer
Shipping Notes: buyer pays ship

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Seller:  triolianman   (Contact Seller)
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Membership:  Music Industry Professional
Asylum Feedback:  5.0/5.0
Location:  Western Michigan, United States
Registered on:  2012-06-18
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