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SOLD - $ 300.00

Orchard Audio Pecan Pi streamer/DAC/pre

Price:  $300.00
Original Price: $650.00
Days/Views:  381 / 423 (Posted 2023-06-30)
Condition: 8/10 Very Good
Seller:  Necroscope   (Contact Seller)
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Feedback:  5.0/5.0

*** Update 6/9 - only one of the original 3 I had FS is remaining ***

Orchard Audio makes what I consider to be one of the best audio bargains. Their Pecan Pi DAC is a board that can mount on or next to a Raspberry Pi board, and enables some of the best streaming sound for the $.

I am selling my last of 3 of them. And even after this last one goes, and giving away a bare board to a friend, I still have 3 more! Yes, I love this device....and yes, I'm a bit crazy :-)

The Pecan Pi in the current larger case sells for ~$650.

The remaining unit I have (the label on the unit in pictures describes how to access via a browser window):

* roppixlr.local - Pi 3B board with Orchard Audio Pecan Pi Rev 3.0d DAC HAT, dual PCM1794A chips, XLR output. RoPieee OS, Orchard steel case (newer larger version), 9V brick PS. PRICE = $300

There are terminal strips on the board so you can add second outputs (I have done this with RCA's before to have XLR and RCA out in parallel), and you can also add a connector for S/PDIF input to use this as a DAC/pre.

If you ONLY have RCA connectors/cables, I can include a pair of XLR to RCA adapters as well.

The sound on these streamers is fantastic, especially considering the price; I had spent more than $2,000 to get enough improvement to make it worth it for me. And as mentioned, I still use 3 of these, two in cases and one board in a DIY all-in-one with amp.

My prices include ConUS shipping and PP fees (F&F appreciated but not required). US sale only please. Unit comes with the pre-loaded micro-SDHC card and a power supply.

NOTE: this will work with Roon, it's how I used it. If you'd like me to install Volumio or Ropieeee XL instead, happy to do so if desired.


Todd - necroscope

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Seller:  Necroscope   (Contact Seller)
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