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SOLD - $ 655.00

Cayin A50T MK1 w/remote, original box, new tubes

Price:  $655.00
Original Price: $1,295.00
Days/Views:  33 / 280 (Posted 2024-05-22)
Condition: 7/10 Good
More Info at: Stereophile Cayin A50T review
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For sale is my wonderful sounding Cayin A50T Mk I integrated amplifier. Stunning reviews for this amp, including a Stereophile Class B rating and these comments:

"The Cayin A-50T is the best low-price amp I have ever heard, and it rivals some of the best amps in any price range." - Harry Weisfeld, owner of VPI Industries

"It represents what a tube amplifier from the Golden Age would perform like if it were made using modern materials and parts." - John Atkinson, Stereophile

"...the Cayin A-50T is competitive with many higher-powered, more expensive integrateds, both tube and solid-state, and its strengths rival those of many far more expensive tube separates I've heard." - Robert Reina, Stereophile

The A50T uses 12AU7 and 12AX7 preamps tubes and EL34 power tubes. The amp is being sold with a matched quad of PSVANE EL34 tubes purchased in 2022 that have less than 50 hours on them. The 12AU7 preamp tubes are Sylvanias and also have less than 50 hours on them. The 12AX7 tubes are reissue Mullards and have less than 2 years of use.

Here is a clip I made of this amp in this auction playing Nat King Cole and recorded with just an iPhone:

One of the excellent features of this amp is that it's easy to bias with just a voltmeter. It has on the fly switchable Ultralinear and Triode modes (35 and 16 Watts respectively), and operates using low amounts of negative feedback. The output transformers show excellent performance and the amp is built like a tank.

I am the second owner of this amp and it's been my main amplifier since I bought it in 2014. It's in excellent condition, though it has three minor, primarily cosmetic issues which is why I am rating it a 7/10: 1. The bright blue light on the volume knob does not light up; and 2. There are a pair of small scratches on the front faceplate which are not highly visible except if you look at the amp from certain angles (it's difficult to make them appear in photographs.). 3. There are a few tiny nicks on the cage that protects the tubes. While these issues have been a non-factor for me, I am mentioning them in the sprit of full disclosure.

The amp includes the original remote, manual, and the original box. Thanks for visiting!

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