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SOLD Teddy Pardo PHN1.1 Two-Box Phono Stage

Price:  $700.00
Days/Views:  113 / 128 (Posted 2023-06-08)
Condition: 9/10 Excellent/Like New
Accessories: Original box, manual
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This is an outstanding phono stage regardless of price. At the asking price, this phono stage is all the more attractive.

Teddy Pardo is known for making some of the finest audio power supplies around. With this PHN1.1, his best power supply is separately housed. In the main chasish Pardo uses a minimalist circuit that with concepts borrowed from valve/tube circuitry. Do not ask me to explain the details because I do not know. But my prior phono stage was a Manley Chinook and prefered the Pardo by a fair margin. It is quieter, while the music sounded more vivid, natural, alive.

This phono stage works with BOTH MM and MC. The gain, impedance and input capacitance is set by exhangable plugs inserted into the back of the phono chasis. This unit comes with MM plugs. If you have a MC cart, the needed plugs can be purchased directly from Teddy Pardo for $10.00.

I am selling this only because I am going to the dark side.... I purchased a processor that will perform A/D, active crossovers, room correction, and then D/A. Otherwise, I would keep the Pardo.

This unit is about 1.5 years old. It is in virtually new condition and got some but not a ton of use. With Roon & Qubuz I listen to mostly digital these days.

I am looking for $700 plus actual shipping. But if interested, make a reasonable/fair offer.

Thanks for looking...

Details from Pardo website.....

Description The PHN1.1 is a high-end, two-box phono stage, with outboard power supply, designed to be used between a turntable and a line-level amplifier. It amplifies the low level signal from a moving coil or moving magnet cartridge according to the RIAA curve, to a line level signal which can be connected to a line input of any line-level amplifier or pre amplifier. The PHN1.1 is designed around the concept that the audio circuits should be minimalistic with the shortest possible signal path, while the complexity is moved to the power supply.

The PHN1.1 can be used with any moving coil or moving magnet cartridge. The gain, the input impedance, and the input capacitance are set by means of exchangeable plugs. Additional input setting plugs can be purchased to allow future cartridge replacement. For moving magnet cartridges no plug is required.

Unlike most phono stages which are based on active designs (feedback loop), the PHN1.1 is based on a passive design, that is, there is a first high gain stage, a passive RIAA filter, and a lower gain output stage. Although the PHN1.1 is a solid state pre amplifier, its design is based on concept taken from valve amplifiers and its sound characteristics resemble those of high end valve amplifiers, but without the inconvenience of heat, wear and background noise, which is common to tube-based phono-stages.

The PHN1.1 is built using the best available components: Mundorf main-capacitors, selected low noise JFET transistors, low noise Tantalum and PPS capacitors, and WBT NextGen sockets. All components are mounted on an immersion gold FR4 PCB with a real star ground topology.

Like all our products, the PHN1.1 comes with a 14 day money-back-guarantee, and a 3 year warranty.


Excellent sound quality Does not require maintenance or recapping Excellent value Sound The sound of the PHN1.1 can be best described as Tube-like velvety, with explosive dynamics.

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Ships To: USA and Canada
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