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High Fidelity MC1-Pro Helix+ power conditioner

Price:  $1,100.00
Original Price: $2,699.00
Days/Views:  69 / 65 (Posted 2020-08-13)
Condition: 9/10 Excellent/Like New
Seller:  zins.dan   (Contact Seller)
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Feedback:  unrated

I have 16 (!) of the MC1-Pro Helix+ power conditioners in my system, in addition to a mere 4 of the regular MC1-Pros. And also quite a few of the MC-0.5s. I kept adding more of more of these amazing products because in my system there was no law of diminishing returns down side—“the more magnets, the more music” really did apply. I am in all other areas of my life extremely frugal and do not have deep pockets, and at least try to pretend that I am sane, but I found these things to be so addicting.... Anyway I knew very well that when I kept adding more of the MC1-Pro Helix+s I was likely really only “renting” them, and that has indeed turned out to be the case. Covid-19 economics has now given me no choice but to sell many of these extraordinary products, so I am offering a terrific price. FWIW, you are NOT getting my High Fidelity Ultimate Reference Helix speaker cables, interconnects, or power cords.... I have not sold anything in a while, but my user name on audiogon is boukman for feedback on previous sales.

Payment and Shipping
Pay By: Personal Check after it clears, Paypal
Ship Weight: 5 lbs.
Ships From: 30319 (Atlanta, GA)
Ships To: USA Only
Shippers/Payer: (none specified) / Paid by: Buyer
Shipping Notes: (none)

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Seller:  zins.dan   (Contact Seller)
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Membership:  Audiophile
Asylum Feedback:  unrated
Location:  United States
Registered on:  2011-04-27
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