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ModWright LS100 with Optional DAC Module in Silver-Price Reduced!

Price:  $2,200.00
Original Price: $5,145.00
Days/Views:  20 / 208 (Posted 2020-02-07)
Condition: 8/10 Very Good
Seller:  Soundtru   (Contact Seller)
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Feedback:  5.0/5.0

Up for sale is my ModWright LS100 preamp in great condition. This is the silver version with the optional DAC module, which handles high resolution files up to 24/192, giving you a great way to save space and money by eliminating an additional box and set of cables. The LS100 also features a dedicated Class A headphone amp fed via the tube output.

This preamp is a single-ended design with a 10-function remote control, two 6SN7 driver tubes and one 5AR4/GZ34 rectifier tube. It has a single gain/buffer stage and a phase inverting design. It includes 1 pair of XLR inputs, 4 pairs of RCA inputs, 1 pair of RCA Home Theater Bypass inputs, 2 pairs of RCA main outs, 1 pair of XLR main outs, and 1 pair of RCA tape outs. Input impedance is 38 Kohm and output impedance is 300 ohm. As described by ModWright:

“The DAC design features both RCA (SPDIF) and USB (24/192 fully asynchronous) design that both re-clocks and buffers data for the lowest possible jitter and highest possible digital performance.

The LS 100 is built in the same size enclosure as the KWA 100 amplifier and has the same lines and aesthetics, including backlit logo. Taller enclosure (5”) allows for greater range of rectifier tubes to fit inside the enclosure.

Sonically, the LS 100 offers a greater control, ease, musicality and resolution, all perfectly balanced for the ideal musical experience. Frequency response is flat from 20Hz to well beyond 100Khz. Soundstage is extremely wide and detail and microdynamics co-exist with a tube warmth and natural musical presentation that must be experienced!”

I bought my LS100 direct from Dan Wright as a demo model – but it is really more of| a “demo plus.” After I ordered it but before it shipped, Kristen Boyd (Executive Director of Operations) called to tell me that Dan thought the unit could sound better and therefore replaced several parts before he was satisfied with it. I can honestly say that in my experience this is typical of the client service and care that is a hallmark of ModWright.

This unit has no blemishes that I can find, except for a couple of worn or faded letters on the label for the headphone jack, and has operated without any hitches. It comes with the upgraded metal remote, original owners manual and DAC Setup Instructions, USB drivers for the DAC (which I never needed to use), tool for removing cover screws, power cord, and the original tubes (2 Electro-Harmonix 6SN7s and 1 Sovtek 5AR4 rectifier – which I used for about 2 months). I will also provide a matched pair of reissued Tung-Sol 6SN7s, which I liked much better than the stock tubes and which I used for about a year (when I then continued on with my tube rolling).

The preamp will be shipped (CONUS only) in the original Modwright box and packaging. Asking $2200, plus shipping and PayPal fee.

Payment and Shipping
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Ship Weight: 32 lbs.
Ships From: 28804 (Asheville, NC)
Ships To: USA Only
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Seller:  Soundtru   (Contact Seller)
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