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SOLD - $ 147.00

Arturo Delmoni SEALED LP Signed Numbered Limited Edition #62, Inscribed to a Record Label Exec, ONE STEP PRESSING

Price:  $147.74
Original Price: $25.00
Days/Views:  45 / 73 (Posted 2023-02-05)
Condition: 10/10 New
Seller:  John Marks   (Contact Seller)
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Low # = freshest pressing! SEALED! NR! COA! AUDIOPHILE!

From the collection of a Musical Performance Instructor at Brown University who formerly was an executive at North Star Records, a SEALED PRESENTATION COPY of the Signed, Numbered Limited Edition of Arturo Delmoni's audiophile analog recording of the violin sonatas (with Meg Bachman Vas at the piano) of César Franck and Gabriel Fauré (Fauré's Sonata No. 1), with the INCREDIBLY LOW serial number of 62!

Recorded by the legendary David Hancock, this "sleeper" audiophile favorite is the earliest number we have ever seen up for auction. Obviously, the lower the number, the higher our confidence that this LP was pressed from the One-Step Stamper that was first used. Once that stamper could no longer be used, the process switched over to the usual three-step stampers... sorry. It was not my decision.

Super-deluxe album jacket printing by Location Recording Services Print Division, on textured art paper (the non-limited LP went out in a glossy, run-of-the-mill Polar White digitally-printed direct-on-board jacket). The limited edition jacket "slicks" were printed one sheet at a time, one color at a time, under direct human supervision, on a Heidelberg press. I know these details because I put this project together for North Star. BTW, Arturo inscribed #2000 to my parents, which was a very sweet gesture. I donated that record to the Ralston Listening Library at the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee.

Arturo inscribed and dedicated vellum-paper numbering and autograph sheets to all the people who made this project happen, and this is the first such Presentation Copy LP I have ever seen offered for sale. A little while back, I saw someone offering on the internet the JMR Songs My Mother Taught Me LP I had inscribed to David Hancock. How time flies. We put this project together more than 30 years ago!

This rare LP will be DOUBLE BOXED, and I will not ship anywhere without tracking and insurance. The outer box will be 15 x 15 x 4 inches, so we won't have to worry about bumped corners on the jacket.

There will be included an Affidavit that establishes the Provenance.

Any questions, please ask. Reasonable Best Offers invited. This listing will expire in 7 days, so do not delay.

Feb. 5, 2023: Price Drop.

Best of luck!

john marks

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Seller:  John Marks   (Contact Seller)
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