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Rhytmik F12 SE Direct Servo Subwoofer

Price:  $750.00
Original Price: $1,259.00
Days/Views:  384 / 303 (Posted 2023-06-27)
Condition: 9/10 Excellent/Like New
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With many subwoofers, it is difficult to get a correct and seamless integration with the main speakers because the amplifier settings are often very different to the measured response. You may set the crossover point to 80 Hz, but the actual crossover point may be anywhere between 60 and 100 Hz!

With our subwoofers the upper and lower -3 dB points are a very close match to the settings selected. If you set bass extension to 14 Hz, that is exactly what you will get. All this is possible because Direct Servo ensures a stable and flat response.

Another aspect of getting a correct integration is phase alignment. We have written a guide on how to achieve a phase aligned subwoofer.

Output, extension and user preferences

We use high quality high excursion drivers which make it possible to achieve high output in a relatively compact enclosure. Only with Direct Servo is it possible to achieve such deep bass extension, high output and very high damping simultaneously. The effective system Q is 0.3. A lower Q factor represents a higher level of damping, indicating control of the cone. A typical sealed subwoofer has a Q of 0.9 and then equalized to Q of 0.7 by DSP or other equalization means. However, that does not alter the native Q value of those Driver 12" high excursion with custom sensing coil DS1204 Driver materials Black only anodized aluminum with rubber surround Cast aluminum basket Aluminum flux de-modulation shorting rings Amplifier 400WRMS class D Hypex module-based patented servo controlled Input Impedance 33kohm for RCA inputs; 10kohm for mini-XLR inputs Dimensions 15-3/4"(W) x 15-3/4" (H )x 17"(D) - (18-1/2" D with grille) Shipping Weight 68 lbs Frequency Response 14 - 100 Hz (-3 dB @ 17Hz) with LINE input 14 - 200 Hz (-3 dB @ 17 Hz) with LFE IN Crossover slope Selectable 12 or 24 dB / octave Crossover range (Low pass) 50 - 100 Hz (100hz to 200hz range is not usable for this sub) Rumble Filter (High pass ) 17 Hz 18 dB / octave built-in for Low-HT mode Phase response 90 degrees phase shift at 20 Hz Phase adjustment 0 - 180 degrees continuously variable (6ms max delay adjustment) Bass damping factor settings Q=0.5 for Low-music mode.

2 available

Payment and Shipping
Pay By: Paypal
Ship Weight: 78 lbs.
Ships From: 06226 (Willimantic, CT)
Ships To: USA and Canada
Shippers/Payer: UPS, FedEx / Paid by: Buyer
Shipping Notes: (none)

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Seller:  srouse   (Contact Seller)
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Location:  CT, United States
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