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SOLD - $ 675.00

Magnepan Unitrac tonearm with extras! PRICE DROP

Price:  $675.00
Days/Views:  87 / 1180 (Posted 2024-01-27)
Condition: 8/10 Very Good
Seller:  saxman73   (Contact Seller)
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Feedback:  5.0/5.0

I am selling a Magnepan Unitrac Tonearm in very good condition. It’s a unipivot and the only tonearm ever designed by Magnepan, in the eighties. It has a cult following in certain audiophile circles, and for good reason.

The tonearm is complete and comes with a printed copy of the original manual. It has both counterweights (the main one and the one that allows for use of cartridges over 7g). It has both mounting templates (and extras), and the alignment jig that allows for correct mounting of the cartridge. It has plenty of lateral weights for azimuth adjustment. It has the little bucket for antiskate adjustment. It has a headshell and the proprietary headshell wires.

It also has a bunch of spare parts that I acquired over the years, some of which were included in an ultra rare Magnepan dealer kit I bought separately. Everything I have is included: extra antiskate bucket, extra weights, extra azimuth shaft, extra small counterweights etc …

In addition, this tone arm has a custom brass mounting nut that was made for it. It’s extra heavy and makes the tone arm sound even better. These are also hard to get and are a very worthwhile upgrade.

This tonearm has VTA adjustment on the fly using a hex wrench of the correct size. This is very convenient!

This was my main tonearm for years, first on a Thorens TD 150, then on a Garrard 401. It’s really great, and an absolute bang for the buck, if one uses a good high compliance cartridge. I used a Shure V15-III with JICO stylus (not included) with it, and it sounded great. I also used a Grace Level II cartridge that was even better. I am a professional musician and this tonearm, in my opinion, is an absolute steal. With a good system around it, everything sounds realistic and draws the listener in.

This tonearm was featured in the system of mine that was described in the following Stereophile article:

I liked this tone arm so much that I bought two. This is the second one. I am now using low compliance MC cartridges that require a heavier arm that I’ve invested more money in, so I am selling this, reluctantly. Low ball offers will be ignored. I have invested quite a bit in this tone arm over the years, so I’d rather keep it than sell it for too cheap. You are not likely to get a Magnepan Unitrac with as many spare parts.

The tonearm is perfectly functional and does not need to be rewired, or anything else.

The arm board the tone arm is currently mounted on is not included.

Any questions, please ask. I can send more photos. Pickup in Brooklyn is possible. Otherwise, I will pack carefully. Price drop to $675 + shipping. Paypal friends and family or add 4%.

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Seller:  saxman73   (Contact Seller)
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Membership:  Music Industry Professional
Asylum Feedback:  5.0/5.0
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Location:  New York, United States
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