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Genalex KT66 Strong matched pairs. Old Stock. Made in England. Free PayPal and shipping

Price:  $475.00
Days/Views:  240 / 241 (Posted 2023-10-28)
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Genalex KT66. Rare. Strong matched pairs. Old Stock. Made in England. Free PayPal and shipping.

Strong, vintage Genalex KT66 matched pairs or quad. Old Stock. Made in England. Marconi-Osram Valve Co.'s Genalex production line, with the Hammersmith factory marks. These grey glass tubes are the older style with brown cup-shaped micanol bases.

They can be used as a replacement for 6L6GC tubes in most amps. But check with your manufacturer to be sure.

Shipped in white boxes. See listings and photos for details. All tubes have been tested for noise in my amp. All sounded very quiet.

Tubes were tested on my Hickok 600A gm tester (see photos). Measurements are in micromhos. AVERAGE NEW KT66 TUBES TEST AROUND 6300. I cannot guarantee that these tubes will test the same on your tester as on mine.

Please order by pair number. Questions are welcome.

Pair #1: $475. Very strong. 6000 and 6500

Pair #2: $400. Identical match. Strong. 5750 and 5750.

$850 for the quad.

My tubes have a money back guarantee. If a tube arrives DOA, I will pay return shipping. Buyer pays return shipping for all other reasons.

PRICES INCLUDE USPS PRIORITY SHIPPING WITHIN THE CONTINENTAL USA AND US PAYPAL FEES. Canadian customers, please email for shipping costs and PayPal fees.

Payment and Shipping
Pay By: Personal Check after it clears, Paypal, Money Order/Certified Check
Ships To: USA and Canada
Shippers/Payer: Postal / Paid by: Seller
Shipping Notes: (none)

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