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FISHER KM-60 Stereo FM Tube Tuner

Price:  $275.00
Days/Views:  5 / 152 (Posted 2021-10-14)
Condition: 7/10 Good
Seller:  Steve M.   (Contact Seller)
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FISHER KM-60 FM TUBE TUNER - aligned and works great

Working fine and pulling in lots of stations up and down the dial. All tubes tested and replaced where needed with strong tubes. All tube sockets cleaned with Caig DeOxit D5 cleaner. Signal strength meter and tuning eye work well. Output jacks cleaned.

I used to be a tuner nut and have owned well over twenty tuners in my past, including many high end models (e.g., Marantz 10B). The only one I kept was a Fisher KM60. While it may not have the super signal sleuthing ability of some premium models, I felt it had some of the best sound quality and it picked up the important stations near me very well.

The unit for sale here is one I sold to a friend several years ago. It was aligned prior to his purchase of it and it seems to have held up well. My friend is now downsizing and he asked me to sell it for him. The faceplate is clean with good lettering, All knobs and caps are in place. The chassis has some mild patina from age. The lamp that illuminates the signal strength meter was missing the metal hood, so I fashioned one out of aluminum foil.

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Seller:  Steve M.   (Contact Seller)
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