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SOLD - $ 450.00

Pioneer PL-71 turntable - excellent condition

Price:  $450.00
Days/Views:  32 / 246 (Posted 2020-01-18)
Condition: 8/10 Very Good
Accessories: Manual
More Info at: Pioneer TL-71 turntable for sale
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This is a classic vintage 1975 Pioneer PL-71 in VG to excellent condition, I've thoroughly enjoyed it over the past few years, very well maintained. Check out the photos, and a YouTube link (someone else's video). Google searches will find you some nice reviews. Original owners manual and service manual included. New Technics AT95E cartridge and new head shell included (as well as original head shell). This TT deserves a $200+ cartridge. Direct Drive brushless DC servo motor. Original plexi cover in very good condition. All functions work, no problems. This is a high-end, very quiet turntable, compares favorably to new turntables in the $1000 range.

The brushless DC servo motor directly rotates the platter without belts or rim idlers, meaning vibration causing factors are eliminated. This sophisticated direct-drive system and all-electronic DC servo control reduce wow and flutter to less than 0.05%(WRMS), and boasts signal to noise ratio to better than 60db - figures which place the PL-71 in the very top ranks of today's hi-fi turntables. The built-in strobe gives you visible proof of it's accuracy. Supporting this quality is its super sensitive S-shaped tonearm, developed by Pioneer to perform perfectly at light tracking pressures (0.5g and up). The tonearm is professional throughout, with a lateral balancer, an anti-skating control, direct-readout stylus pressure scale, oil-damped cueing device, lightweight head shell and more. Specs: Type: direct drive Motor: brushless DC servo controlled motor Speeds: 33 and 45rpm Speed control range: within +-2% Wow and flutter: 0.05% Rumble: better than 60dB Platter: 310mm aluminum alloy die cast Tonearm: static-balance type, s-shaped pipe arm Effective length: 224mm Overhang: 14.5mm Cartridge weight range: 4 to 32g Dimensions: 480 x 415 x 185mm (18.9 x 16.3 x 7.3") Weight: 11kg (24#)

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Shipping Notes: double boxed and well packed

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