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SOLD - $ 3250.00

Thorens TD-124 restored

Price:  $3,250.00
Days/Views:  288 / 1762 (Posted 2019-08-13)
Condition: 8/10 Very Good
Seller:  LCBIII   (Contact Seller)
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PRICE DROP: Professionally restored Thorens TD~124 which included

1) Visual and Operational inspection to determine any obvious problems

2) Complete disassembly, cleaning, and lubrication of all mechanical components

3) Replacement/repair of any worn parts

4) Complete rebuild of the E50 motor including new bushings, oil retention felts, thrust pad, silicon nitride armature ball, one week run-in and final adjustments under full operating load

5) New spindle bushings, thrust pad, gasket

6) Diamond polish spindle

7) New motor suspension grommets

8) Six new platter pads

9) Polish secondary platter

10) Three step 3M paint polishing

11) New Belt

12) Adjust eddy brake

13) Clean and true Idler Wheel, install new sintered bronze bushing and new teflon wear washer

14) Adjust clutch

15) New grounded power cord

16) Replace rubber mat

17) Final run-in and verification of all operations

I can offer an ABIS or SME 3009 tonearm Installation of the above listed parts, aluminum outer platter is very straight and not warped

The chassis was completely disassembled and cleaned of all oil and grease. All parts, fixed and moving, are replaced as necessary, and the chassis is greased and oiled according to original factory specifications. The motor is installed and the entire drive mechanism precisely adjusted for optimum performance based on our unique access to the original manufacturing and servicing procedures. The turntable is tested, run in and checked under precise conditions for one entire week.

prefer customer pick up....+/- 1 hr West of NYC where it can be inspected and touched and listened to.

buyer must pickup, 1 hr west of NYC

Payment and Shipping
Pay By: Personal Check after it clears
Ship Weight: 40 lbs.
Ships From: 18360 (Stroudsburg, PA)
Ships To: USA Only
Shippers/Payer: (none specified) / Paid by: Buyer
Shipping Notes: (none)

More Seller Info
Seller:  LCBIII   (Contact Seller)
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Membership:  Reviewer/Press
Asylum Feedback:  unrated
Location:  Pennsylvania, United States
Registered on:  2019-01-03
Posts:  31

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