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Celestion SL6S

Price:  $300.00
Days/Views:  3849 / 1746 (Posted 2007-12-11)
Seller:  Mister Pig   (Contact Seller)
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Feedback:  4.8/5.0

The SL 600 and Sl 700 speakers are the finest speakers Celestion ever produced. Even in the 80's they were brutually expesnive. What Celestion afficianodos know is that the SL6 series of speakers were the predecessor of the SL600 series. Its drivers are closely related, and come quite close to the same level of perfomrnace as its more expensive siblings The cabinet however was a more conventional design, and acquits itself quite well even if it is not built out of the costly Aerolam material. Mind you the cabinet is not average on the SL series. It is braced in 4 different directions. It also uses a composite front plate that is composed of two pieces. One for the tweeter, and one for the woofer. It is one stout cabinet, and allows the SL6S to acheive 90%+ of the SL600 sound, but only sold for about 60% of its elder brother. Celestion built some of the finest monitors ever, and the SL6S is one of their best "bang for the buck" offerings. The midrange is delicate and refined sounding. The tweeter is detailed as a metal dome should be, but never is harsh or spitty. In some ways it has electrostatic attributes. It casts a huge image, and the speakers really do disapear when properly set up. The bass is suprisingly good for a smaller speaker, and extends down to a respectable level. These speakers can stand on their own abilities, although many people do couple them with a high quality subwoofer. The condition on these speakers is excellent. There are no dinged corners. All drivers are perfect. No dents or creases in the tweeter, and woofers are pefect. The wood is an oiled walnut variety. It is in excellent shape, although there is a light scratch on one side. It will not photograph, and you have to look hard to find it. I imagine a good oiing of the cabinet will practically fade it away. I do not have original boxes. Local pick up is preferred from Pendleton Oregon. If I have to ship, I need to charge for packing materials. I will double box the speakers, and so far have a good track record of things arriving in good condition. Shipping weight is approximate, but pretty close. If you are looking for a high end speaker at a reasonable price, than this is an excellent choice. The Sl6S series is still highly regarded, and desirable. Use good electronics with them and you will have high quality sound that will put many speakers to shame. I currently have limited internet access. If you are interested in them please call me at 509-438-7350

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Seller:  Mister Pig   (Contact Seller)
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Asylum Feedback:  4.8/5.0
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