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Joule-Electra LA-100 MKIII - $1,250.00
This is a stunner! J-E made a customized, apparently one-off version of the LA-100 mkIII, mounting all the tubes atop the chassis, for Déjà vu Audio (S/N #121). 4 unbalanced inputs including tape. Rated 8 for age of unit.The preamp was brought up to spec by...

Mondial Acurus CD 11 - $225.00
At 17x5x11", the ACD-11 is a fairly compact unit. Despite its size, it still weighs in at 20 pounds, which means there's something hefty inside. From the steel chassis to the aluminum feet, this player is obviously meant to stay put. Vibration is alwa...

Bocchino Audio BAXLR - $190.00
Bocchino Audio BAXLR, pure copper pins, silver plated, no nickel under plate. all compression connections via stainless set screws. machined Delrin bodies. one set available: white male, black female. Price is $190 for each set. Reasonable offers considered...

Naim NAP 180 - $900.00
Naim Nap 180 power amp in excellent working condition, and very good cosmetic condition. Clean face plate and very nice case with a few surface scratches on the left hand side of the case, not through the paint. Amp ships to the contiguous US only. Shippin...

SEALED-2 LP-TAS Gregorio Paniagua Atrium Musicae De Madrid - $195.00
2 Disks SEALED and in absolutely new condition. This is the original 2 disk gate-folded German pressing: BIS Cat# LP-163/164. This spectacular sounding LP recording has been on the TAS Super Disk list since it was released. Also listed as a "Demi-God"...

Calvert (Amperex) 7119 - $30.00
(3) Calvert boxed NOS/NIB Amperex manu 7119/E182CC Dual Triode tubes. Mil boxes, manu in 1974. Codes: ID6/"delta"4C1. Tubes have CEI, Made in Germany printed on them. Boxes dated 1975. Tested on cal'd Hickok 539C. Readings labeled on boxes. Copp...

QED MB45 - $25.00
Nice QED MB45 British headphone amp, with 12V power supply. Excellent working condition, allows use of two sets of headphones at one time, has volume and balance control and has two sets of inputs. A very nice sounding amp. Please note, this is a headphone amp...

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