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Dignity Audio PM-201 - $450.00
Price: 550.00 plus shipping OR Or trade towards a pair of Platinum Audio Solo, or AAD 2001 monitors.Outstanding preamp. Only reason I am selling is that I have now a K & K preamp with sexy Lundahl trannies and remote.The Dignity Audio is made in Hon...

Oracle The Calibrator - $40.00
This is a universal arm/cartridge precision protractor and a full size protractor. Like new, no PayPal charge and FREE USPS shipping to USA address only....

Amphenol Loctal - $32.00
A set of 8 Loctal sockets by legendary company Amphenol. These are the perfect type for your next amp project. Don't waste your precious time with the Chinese or Russian types. These have phosphor bronze contacts that are tin plated. Very high quality. You...

Twisted Pair Designs All Copper RCA - $45.00
These were made exclusively for Twisted Pair Designs. All copper body & center pin locking RCA in four pack. Solder type only. 9mm back opening, Great sounding DIY connector. USPS shipping adds $7.25 No PayPal fee. Four of the packs available at this pri...

Silent Source The Music Reference - $3,597.00
I have a 2.5 meter pair of the fabulous Silent Source The Music Reference speaker cables for sale, with matching TMR jumpers. These are among the best cables available at any price.These are very special. Nothing we've heard comes close to these at any ...

Prima Luna ProLogue 4 Custom Made Cover - $29.00
For sale is a custom made cover for a Prima Luna ProLogue 4 power amp. Made by the same guy that advertises his wares here every weekend. Perfect condition, as I sold the amp almost immediately after I got the cover!Shipping and Paypal included in price....

Kenwood KR 9600 - $525.00
Kenwood KR 9600 Receiver - Original condition, with a wood cabinet, which doesn't seem common. Cabinet is in good shape with a light scratch that may polish out and some small nicks on one corner. All lights work, all functions work. I never have played th...

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