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Acrosound Stereo 20-20 - $950.00
Acrosound Stereo-20-20 power amp. A project that, I realize, I will never get to. Amp is in good cosmetic condition with cage. One channel sounds fine, and the other plays the signal, but has a very prominent hum. I was going to rebuild the amp, so purchase...

Cable Research Lab Bronze - $110.00
Show demo cables. A former TAS product of the year. Bi-wired with spades both sides. Functions perfectly. Can be modified to straight through for $30 additional.Reasonable offers considered....

JAN Philips/Sylvania 6L6WGB - $85.00
Matched pairs of USA Made NOS/NIB JAN Sylvania and JAN Philips/Sylvania 6L6WGB power tubes. These are the small bottle 6L6WGB’s. Orig military packaging.Pairs are matched within 5% of current draw at working voltage and measured together as pairs. These wer...

WallyTractor For Naim ARO, - $85.00
The best way to align pivot to stylus distance & horizontal tracking angular error (zenith or lateral angle) to the cantilever, not the cartridge body, on your Naim ARO tonearm. No longer available.Original owner, used once. Includes detailed instructio...

SHOT PUCK SP2 ($47.50) the 3D Printed Lead - $47.50
Introducing ShotPuck Two. (SP2) A 3-D printed, lead-shot-loaded record weight. The ShotPuck Two (SP2) is a record weight that features 5 chambers loaded with #9 lead shot. In fact 85% of ShotPuck Two's total mass is #9 lead shot. Each chamber contains ...

Pioneer SP-FS52 - $150.00
I have here a used pair of the very well reviewed and highly rated Andrew Jones designed Pioneer SP-FS52 floor standing speakers. Great for use for office, den and also main L/R TV use. Only $150 for the pair take them home. They are in excellent 9/10 conditio...

VAC PA100/100 - $1,750.00
VAC PA100/100 with phi front end upgrade! This amp is in excellent operating and physical condition. I have rated it an 8/10 only due to age. 5 years ago I sent this amp to VAC in Sarasota for service and had the front end upgraded from its original William...

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