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Golden Ear Triton 7 - $800.00
Original owner. Very Good condition. Prefer not to ship but will at the buyer's expense. Fedex will be cheapest. No charge for Paypal....

Sistrum SP-101 - $1,000.00
Selling a pair of Sistrum SP-101 Stands.I used these with my 300B Mono Block amps , with excellent results. These stands improved imaging ,wider and deeper , tighten edges and improved bass. I have relocated and audio room is smaller and downsizing system. ...

CRL MKII - $440.00
One prototype Cable Research Lab 1 meter power cord with Oyaide M1/F1 connectors. The cord was designed for power amps, but will work with front end equipment. Cable is approximately 7 AWG OCC copper with Al/Mylar shield sourced from Neotech. Connectors are re...

Grundig NF-20 - $950.00
Superb sounding Grundig NF-20. It is dead quiet on my Coral Flat 10's. I have played this amp driven by a refurbished Pilot SP-210 preamp (available in other auction) and a modern K and K MIR preamp, and its always impressive.This amp was professionall...

Audio Technica AT7V - $170.00
New in box, never mounted Audio Technica AT7V Frequency response: 15Hz-25kHz PCOCC coil and terminal pins for pure signal transmissions Stylus: Grain-oriented square shank nude special elliptical diamond with 0.2 x 0.7 mil tracing radii Tracking force: 1.75...

Signet TKN-6 NOS Brand New Stylus for - $119.00
Signet TKN-6 stylus. Brand New, NOS for below listed Audio Technica Cartridges.Price is for one. Used with the following: TK3E TK6E TK1E TK5E TK7E TK7SUPayPal only & will appreciate payment via friend/gift feature if possible.Price each is $119. P...

Silent Source The Music Reference - $450.00
I have an 11 inch set of the fabulous Silent Source The Music Reference jumpers for sale. The speaker cables have been sold!! These are among the best cables available at any price. THE SPEAKER CABLES HAVE BEEN SOLD!! THE JUMPERS ARE STILL AVAILBLE!!...

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