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AR Sound Green Link - $99.00
AR Sound Green Link interconnect. 1 meter shielded interconnect. Neutrik spring loaded RCA's. This is an excellent phono cable for turntables with RCA jacks....

Cardas Audio Golden Presence 2.5m - $850.00
CARDAS AUDIO GOLDEN PRESENCE 2.5M SINGLE WIRE SPEAKER CABLES - USED - $850This five year old pair of Cardas Golden Presence speaker cables are in excellent conduction (one owner trade-in), complete with all Cardas packaging/documentation (see pics). Golden...

Dynamic Design Challenger AE15 - $1,190.00
As the year draws to a close, it's time for me to clear out some excellent gear.Here I have a 1.5 meter 15A power cord from the phenomenal Dynamic Designs called the Challenger AE15. It is based on the Heritage Series, but designed exclusively for digit...

Classic Records (Classic Compact Discs) - $60.00
Very rare and highly sought after. Original owner, some sealed, rest NM (near mint).Please check completed listings on eBay (search Classic Records Gold). You'll see that, although expensive, my prices are generally below the average selling price.I ...

Electrocompaniet PI 2D Integrated Amp with built in - $2,500.00
The Electrocompaniet PI 2D is a powerful integrated amplifier with a built in DAC. This way you can connect all your digital sources directly to the PI 2D and get away with fewer boxes and cables. The 24kHz/192 bit DAC and the modern technology in the PI 2D e...

Audio Sector Integrated - $500.00
Read all about it, here: Feedback under my former moniker is Stephæn is 4.9/5.0:

CEntrance DACmini - $395.00
Original owner. All functions work perfectly. 8/10 rating only for a few small scuffs on bottom of unit (a scratch you can feel, a scuff you can't; at least that's my definition).Search the web for many rave reviews; just about all the print media a...

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