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EconoTweaks D.I.Y. - $65.00
Here is the board only from the AS-1 filter. (Named the AS-1 for its designer Al Sekela) It is a passive parallel filter with four R-C-R circuits and a resistor/inductor string of four resistors and four inductors to ground. It uses WIMA MP-3 metalized paper s...

Hearts of Space David Lange - $15.00
HS11011-2, sealed, never opened, no PayPal fee, FREE FIRST CLASS SHIPPING!...

Carver TX-11b Many upgrades- fantastic - $459.00
The Carver TX-11b is a terrific tuner and is highly regarded by the “Tuner Information Center” the review is below. This particular TX-11b is probably the most famous one ever made, it is the exact unit that is featured on a web site: I was shopping for a tune...

Nottingham Space Arm Cryo Treated/ Rewired - $679.00
Nottingham Space arm that has been rewired with Cardas 4x33, has Cardas silver tags, and a Cardis DIN, all cryo treated. The mounting base was custom made and is a little oversized to add mass & stability (but the neck of the arm fits perfectly). The unipi...

EconoTweaks "Aural Support" - $59.95
THE FOOTERS ARE BACK!!! And now with a compliance option too! See below"Aural Support" - Component Footer SetAfter being out of stock almost two years the footers are back. I didn't like the wood blocks potential suppliers offered before bu...

iFi Audio iDSD MICRO - $499.00
SIGNATURE SOUND is now a authorized iFi Audio dealer. The iDSD Micro is a terrific new product in the iFi Audio line-up. It makes for a great USB DAC/Headphone amp for portable and home use or a great affordable dac via its (analogue volume control adjusted) l...

Cardas Audio High-Speed Data 2.0m - $75.00
CARDAS HIGH SPEED DATA DIGITAL CABLE 2.0M RCA - USED - $75A terrific entry level digital (and good at video too) cable from Cardas Audio. These have long by my favorite affordable digital cable because its sins where that of omission in that it is not brig...

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