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Cable Research Lab MKII - $500.00
Two pre-production model Cable Research Lab power cords with Oyaide M1/F1 connectors. Lengths; 1- 1.5 meter, 1 - 1 meter. The cables were about to enter the CRL product line when the business was closed. These cords were designed for power amps, but will wo...

VAC phono SUT - $500.00
VAC SUT 20dB - 7 years old. Set for 20dB. Second owner. Moved up the VAC line and my current preamp has MC capacity built in so this excellent SUT is no longer needed in my system. Used with 0.4mV cartridge into a 38db MM input. Price includes shipping wit...

Audience aR2p-TO - $700.00
For sale. Excellent power conditioner with two filtered outlets. Plugs directly into wall saving the cost of an additional quality power cord. Mild surface scratches from living behind the rack, but not visible from any distance. This model "TO" has ...

Crown XLS-1500 - $250.00
Lightweight, cool running 300 watt/channel into 8 ohms pro amp in great condition. Versatile connectivity includes both single ended and balanced inputs along with SpeakOn and Binding post speaker connectors.Built in high/low pass crossover adds flexibilit...

McIntosh MR-78 - $950.00
This is possibly the nicest MR-78 that you'll see. I've owned it for about 15 years and it's been stored for the last 8 or so. The tuner is as close to mint as I've seen. All the lights and meters work perfectly. Sensitivity is better than any ...

Tellurium Q 'Black II' Speaker Cables - $210.00
Brand new in the box pair of Tellurium Q Black II speaker cables, bananas both ends. 2.5M stereo pair. Just got them yesterday, but already don't need them. The problems of ordering stuff that takes a few weeks to get here!Tellurium Q, as I'm sur...

Denon DP-62L - $1,000.00
One owner DP-62L purchased in 1983 from Denon dealer. Available in original box with all original documents.Table was completely recapped in 2010. The main bearing was replaced by an Applied Fidelity ceramic/jewel bearing and all metal work was completely m...

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