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General Radio GenRad 1311-A - $85.00
PRICE REDUCED!! General Radio (GenRad) 1311-A low distortion audio oscillator. This is a high quality piece of test equipment. It is not sweepable, but has 11 fixed frequencies switchable from 50Hz to 10kHz, and also a delta adjustment to vary the frequencies...

Audio Research CD2 - $850.00
AUDIO RESEARCH CD2 CD Player - USED - $850This used Audio Research CD2 is about 16 years old and is in good shape. Traded in by the original owner, it is complete working order. The display is very good (they can get weak with use) and this has good brightn...

AudioQuest Ruby Hyperlitz Interconnect - $30.00
Nice vintage pair, has some scuffs and paint specks (missing 1 AudioQuest end cap, see photo), clean. 81 1/2" tip to tip or 2 meters. RCA's where cleaned with De-Ox-It. No PayPal fee & FREE USPS Priority Mail Shipping....

Nottingham - NAS Interspace Jr - $1,000.00
Nottingham Interspacee Jr in excellent condition.Dust cover for platter,TT mat, Shure stylus tracking gauge, extra belt and Bren1 record weight included. No cartridge included.Interspace Jr. uses the same classic, heavy, alloy platter used on the Space Deck...

Dared SL 2000A preamp - $295.00
This is a Dared SL 2000A preamp with remote control. It is Class A, single ended line stage preamp with two sets of outputs and has had excellent reviews. Rectification is provided by a 5Z4P, but it can also use a 5Y3 or GZ30. The preamp section uses 12AT7 ...

iFi Audio iDSD MICRO - $499.00
SIGNATURE SOUND is now a authorized iFi Audio dealer. The iDSD Micro is a terrific new product in the iFi Audio line-up. It makes for a great USB DAC/Headphone amp for portable and home use or a great affordable dac via its (analogue volume control adjusted) l...

Telefunken ECC83/12AX7 - $120.00
I am selling 2 original German vintage ECC83 NOS TELEFUNKEN tubes - Ribbed plates from the 1950s/60s. Tubes come from an old stock and are new (NOS). ALL tubes with <>-mark on bottom and are the same series.I am asking $120 including shipping to CONUS...

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