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Very Rare Visseaux/Philips 6L6G pair - $99.00
This is truly the odd couple of 6L6G tubes. One is a very rare tubular black glass Visseaux 6L6G, the other is a rare black Philips 6L6G. The have different structures, different sizes, but they are a perfect match pair when tested. They came from Brent Jes...

Marchand XM-44 two-way - $600.00
This is a Marchand XM-44 two-way crossover, that I built from a kit. As I understand it, Marchand is no longer supplying kits and a similar unit now costs about $1200. My unit has balanced outputs and I will add balance inputs for $25.00. The current modules a...

Wireworld Equinox - $50.00
Offering 1 meter pair of older Wireworld Equinox interconnects - OCC copper with RCA termination-silver tube plug . Nice sounding mid priced cable will cover shipping in CONUS....

iFi Audio NEW iDAC2 - $349.00
iFi Audio iDAC2 compact/desktop PCM/DSD/DXD USB Dac - NEW - $349!This is the latest little USB Dac from iFi Audio. Basically take the very highly praised iDSD Micro, take away some features (simpler headphone amp, and battery power) but include the ability ...

Muse Line 3 - $1,200.00
Best solidstate preamp/linestage I've ever used. Decided to go with a tube preamp with internal phono stage. I've rated it 8/10 for age and to be conservative. It's really 9/10. Beautiful cosmetics and not a single operational issue. Aftermark...

ACI Sapphire II and Sub I - $500.00
ACI Sapphire II and Sub I system. Sapphires come with sand-filled stands. Oak finish in excellent condition, no scratches or dents. Sound great with detailed imaging. The subs blend perfectly for full range sound. . See the review above in Audio Critic where t...

Manley Labs Stingray II - $2,950.00
This used Manley Stingray II Integrated amp is in excellent condition, complete with remote, manual, meter, factory box etc. The Stingray packs a lot of features and performance (32W/ch of EL84 power in Ultralinear mode or 18W/ch in triode) into a small neat l...

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