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Clear Day Cables Double Shotgun - $300.00
Barely used, less than a year old, very good speaker cables, I noticed much detail improvement but my speakers tend to be a little twords the bright side. I found that silver is not good for this as they make the brightness even more so. I'm sticking with ...

Technics SP-25 table Fidelity Research FR-54 arm - $805.00
The rare but sought after Technics SP-25 Quartz Lock, Direct Drive turntable that has been cleaned and lubed, the bottom of the deck has been damped. It is mounted to a birch plywood/ MDF plinth with tiger striped 1/4 sawn oak wood veneer. The plinth has anti-...

Beckman 5963 tubes - $29.00
for sale: pair of rare vintage Beckman 5963 tubes. Yellow Beckman logo. Made in USA. Tube construction is long grey plate, double mica, square getter. The 5963 is a premium industrial grade tube similar to the 2AU7 and equivalent to the European ECC82.Bren...

EconoTweaks AS-1 - $129.00
EconoTweaks AS-1 Parallel AC Filter SAVE 40.00 while current stock lasts! The AC Cleaner uses four cascading values of R/C/R filters in parallel. We use X rated safety caps by Wima with PRP resistors and a resitor/inductor string to ground. There are four c...

Godar FM1A - $45.00
A great indoor antenna, in like-new condition. I am including a 6-foot length of coax cable, so you can start using and enjoying your new antenna immediately.From the Godar website:FM1a is a 14 spread element log periodic antenna. This quality built di...

Cryo-Parts Jellyfish 6 foot length - $31.56
14 ga Hospital grade power cable with deep cryogenic treatment- 6ft; the nickel has been taken off the outside of the live and neutral prongs in a three step process with the last one being polished- nickel sounds harsh in an audio system (the female prongs do...

Bocchino Tomcat RCA Inlet- Cryo treated - $210.00
The TomCat TC-18 is an RCA chassis socket that incorporates compression for both the signal (+) and return (-).The Return is machined from solid Pure Copper Billet C10100 being >99.99% Pure Copper ( 101% IACS ) and then Electroplated with 11+ microns of...

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