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VPI HW-19 - $125.00
Shipping and PayPal included in listed price. No cracks or scratches other than any fine ones from cleaning. There is a bit of excess glue on the right side. Looks great and functions perfectly. No hinges....

Pairs/Quads - General Electric JAN 6550A - $275.00
Pairs and Quads of NOS/NIB JAN GE 6550A. Mid-1980's military production. Matched up by current draw on blueprinted burn-in rack at 477 vdc on the plates and a G1 of -50 volts. Pairs are $275. Quads are $550. Readings: 5% or less current draw of each oth...

Cardas HBSC Headphone Connector for Sennheiser - $16.22
Deep cryogenically treated Sennheiser HD650 headphone connectors from Cardas. Sold in color coded pairs. This item is now on sale at 33% off this price!Cryo-Parts Liquidation SaleCryo-Parts is cleaning house… and you receive the benefits! Every DIY part ...

Magnepan Unitrac Big Nut - one of two upgrades - $62.00
Do you have a Magnepan Unitrac? There are only a couple of ways to upgrade it and get better sound out of this marvel of engineering made totally in the US. The first is the most impactful – that is to replace the internal wires and bypass their plug in, it i...

Supex 900 Super MC Cartridge/ Retipped by - $856.00
The Supex 900 Super is a low output moving coil cartridge that was designed by Sugano, the founder of Koetsu cartridges. The 900 is very similar to the Koetus Black in design and sound. I have a black/gold that I have switched back and forth with for the last ...

Tung Sol 6550 Quad NOS \ - $800.00
Here are four beautiful 1965 tubes of identical construction, three of them are labeled Tung Sol and one is labeled RCA. They are matched within eight (8) milliamps with getters flashing intact, no shorts, no gas and good life test. Where JAN MIN is 5,000, the...

Purist Audio Design Jumpers - $175.00
I have a 8 inch pair of PAD jumpers for sale, actually 10 inches tip to tip. Very musical with a large soundstage. Great jumpers from the Legendary Jim Aud.Thanks for looking, please check my other ads. PayPal adds fees....

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