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Zu Audio Mission - $300.00
These are brand new in the original package. I bought them with the idea of upgrading my second system to all-balanced, but it never materialized.I use the regular RCA Missions in my HT set-up and they sound nicely balanced and have great bass.At this pr...

DCS Scarlatti DAC - $11,995.00
DCS Scarlatti DAC in Excellent condition and sounds almost Godly!! This DAC is amazing and works wonderful with hard drive or transport based system. It is a joy to listen to and it is the best digital that I have ever heard! It has all the updated software an...

JPS Labs Superconductor FX 1.0m RCA - $175.00
These (little) used pairs JPS Labs Superconductor FX 1.0m RCA Interconnects are in mint condition considering their 8 years of age. Really nice sounding with very good clarity, tone, and dynamics with just a touch of sweetness in the treble - these will work g...

Eficion F300M - $6,500.00
The Eficion F300M speakers are the satellite of the Eficion F300. It is fully upgradable to the full F300 System by purchasing the F300S woofer units directly from Eficion.These are a 3-way design where most of the work is done by a large air motion transfo...

Analysis Plus Oval 9 - $249.00
One pair, rated 7 for age. These cables are relaxed but detailed, and have a dimensional, dynamic, and well-balanced personality. Beefy silver-plated T1 spade connectors. You can buy from an online store that specializes in used cables for $37/ft pair or from ...

Ortofon Quasar - $225.00
Selling an Ortofon Quasar, predecessor to the MC 30 Supreme. Approximately 200 hours, nice neutral Ortofon detailed sound. Aluminum body, stylus guard and box included. nude FG80 5/80um stylus, 0.5mv output.Paypal only, no fees. Free parcel shipping in the ...

Musical Surroundings Fozgometer - $249.00
Used Fozgometer- Mint condition with box and instruction manual. Easy to use. I will pay UPS Ground to continental US. Check out my Ebay feedback under "fishylikeslps"....

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