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EconoTweaks Detail Magnifier - $129.00
NEW- Auricap version available. As an upgrade to the standard version the new DM with Auricap is now available. This higher grade capacitor adds 30.00 per pair to the price and provides extra performance and detail. EconoTweaks Detail Magnifiers improve...

Pete Riggle Engineering and Audio VTAF (tm) Teflon Upgrade - $36.00
Pete Riggle Engineering and Audio Announces the VTAF Teflon Upgrade:The best place to check out Pete Riggle Engineering and Audio products is at our web site: (pronounced "vee-taff") is an acronym for Vertical Tracking Angle o...

iFi Audio iUSB - $199.00
SIGNATURE SOUND is now a authorized iFi Audio dealer. The iUSB Power Supply is just one of the terrific affordable products in the iFi Audio line-up. With many USB DACs that use some form of USB v-BUS power, the iUSB provides noticeable improvements in sound t...

Sleeve City Record Weight - $40.00
Couples LP to the platter. Felt underside touches record. Helps slightly with warped records....

KCS Custom Fostex F200A Speakers (+ SET = Magic!) - $1,600.00
I am selling a pair of KCS custom big bass reflex speakers with the Fostex F200A drivers and Hi-Vi RT2 ribbon tweeters. The rear ported cabinets were designed and built by John Kalinowski of KCS. The Fostex F200A drivers are the best sounding Fostex drivers ...

New product: EconoTweaks "ECONOCRYSTALS" - $29.95
The EconoTweaks good size package of "ECONOCRYSTALS". A combination of RFI/EMI absorbing piezoelectric crystals. These crystals have been heat treated with a 24 hour mineral oil bath then baked for six hours. The crystals are made up of amethyst,tour...

Zu Audio Mission - $300.00
These are brand new in the original package. I bought them with the idea of upgrading my second system to all-balanced, but it never materialized.I use the regular RCA Missions in my HT set-up and they sound nicely balanced and have great bass.At this pr...

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