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JOLIDA JD5T Tube/Hybrid - $365.00
Practically brand new Jolida JD5T tube/hybrid preamp, black, with Level One upgrades.Front Panel: Power Switch, Power Indicator Light, Remote Sensor, Volume and Selector KnobsBack Panel: 4 x Line Level Inputs, 2 x Output Sets, IEE Power Cord Inlet w/Fuse...

Altec 511B - $80.00
I have a sturdy black pair of Altec 511B horns that are surplus to my needs and for which I'd like to find a new home. No drivers are included; these are designed for 1", two-bolt compression drivers. One horn is in very good condition; the other...

WallyTractor For Naim ARO, - $95.00
The best way to align pivot to stylus distance & horizontal tracking angular error (zenith or lateral angle) to the cantilever, not the cartridge body, on your Naim ARO tonearm. No longer available.Original owner, used once. Includes detailed instructio...

Shure V15VxMR - $300.00
Includes User Guide, Protractor, Mounting Screws & Original Case. Cartridge has been re-tipped with SoundSmith Ruby Optimized Contour Contact Line Stylus. Picture added showing the SS stylus....

Classic Records 45 RPM - $65.00
Very rare, out of print Classic Records 45 RPM sets, original owner, still sealed.Most are TAS HP Super LPs, four are "Best of the Bunch".Mercury SR90313, Ravel, La Valse, Paray, HP Super LP. $70 SOLDMercury SR90144 Hi-Fi A La Espanola, Fenn...

JPS Labs Aluminata - $2,423.26
As the wire world turns, I now have a pair of the excellent JPS Labs Aluminata speaker cables for sale. 6 foot pair, spades on amp end with bananas on speaker ends. Believe the hype, these cables are stunning. I do not have the original packaging, hence the lo...

Dual 1219 - $350.00
Table has been restored by, wood base has been refinished and it has a custom-made dust cover. I have more than $500 in this table but it has been virtually unused for the last year. Don't really want to ship due to cost and risk. Prefer s...

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