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P-Mount Cartridges Ortofon, Grado, Audio Technica - $60.00
P-MOUNT Cartridges:Audio Technica DR750, new in shopworn box $60Audio Technica DR350 low hours, no box $30Ortofon X-1 MCP new in the box $150Grado MPS-1 Ellyptical new in box $75 I prefer Paypal and I don't charge fees. Free priority mail...

Tung Sol 6550 Quad NOS \ - $820.00
Here are four beautiful 1965 tubes of identical construction, three of them are labeled Tung Sol and one is labeled RCA. They are matched within eight (8) milliamps with getters flashing intact, no shorts, no gas and good life test. Where JAN MIN is 5,000, the...

Martin Logan Dynamo 300 subwoofer - $100.00
Selling my Martin Logan Dynamo 300 subwoofer originally purchased for a patio system that did not come to fruition. Sub is essentially brand new and was hardly used. Excellent for a student dorm or those restricted to a small listening room....

6SN7 & 6L6WGC For Sale. Type 5692 - $60.00
Up for sale are three pairs of 6SN7 equivalent tubes. I am not a tube seller nor do I have a tube tester but all these tubes where purchased from Andy except for the Russian 1578, which I purchased at an audio store in Kiev, Ukraine during one of my visits th...

Pete Riggle Engineering and Audio VTAF - $276.00
VTAF(tm), VTA ADJUSTMENT ON THE FLY FOR All SME TONEARMS: Check out the VTAF web site: click on . VTAF(tm), Patented, pronounced "vee-taff," for VTA on the Fly. Unlike other VTAF products, The VTAF for SME arms is not for every...

16 Rock & Blues CDs - $50.00
16 discs, all in excellent condition.Bad Company: Here Comes TroubleDepeche Mode: Songs of Faith And DevotionLeonard Cohen: I'm Your ManRobert Plant/Alison Krauss: Raising SandVarious Artists: A Walk On The Blues Side (2 Discs)Wishbone As...

Leonard Cohen, Songs From a Room, - $45.00
Columbia CS 9767, round cutout on front. Sealed, never played, has a bit of a musty smell. Please have established feedback on AA, AudiogoN or eBay. I ship to USA addresses only. USPS Media Mail shipping cost is $4.00. I will combine items for a lower shipping...

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