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Stealth Audio Hybrid MLT - $1,195.00
I have a wonderful pair of Stealth Hybrid MLT speaker cables for sale - 8 foot pair with bananas all around. These are some of the best cables available, and a bargain at my asking price, they list for $3200. These cables use solid silver and solid copper cond...

EconoTweaks D.I.Y. - $65.00
Here is the board only from the AS-1 filter. (Named the AS-1 for its designer Al Sekela) It is a passive parallel filter with four R-C-R circuits and a resistor/inductor string of four resistors and four inductors to ground. It uses WIMA MP-3 metalized paper s...

Transcendent Sound Grounded Grid - $450.00
Transcendent Sound Grounded Grid tube preamp in excellent condition. I built this both for the fun of it, and to use as a backup while my regular preamp was out being repaired.Completely stock except built with Auricap output coupling caps. Less than ten ho...

Calvert (Amperex) 7119 - $30.00
(3) Calvert boxed NOS/NIB Amperex manu 7119/E182CC Dual Triode tubes. Mil boxes, manu in 1974. Codes: ID6/"delta"4C1. Tubes have CEI, Made in Germany printed on them. Boxes dated 1975. Tested on cal'd Hickok 539C. Readings labeled on boxes. Copp...

NOS/NIB 12AU7's RCA, Amperex, CBS - $30.00
2 Pairs of NOS/NIB assorted brands of 12AU7A / 6189 / 5814 / 5963. 1 Pair “USED” 12AU7. Commercial and military boxes. Tested on a correctly calibrated Hickok 539C tester. Tested for microphonics in an amp. Tester readings on boxes. Prices posted are fo...

Harmonic Technology Pro Silway II 5ft/1.5m - $200.00
This used pair of Harmonic Technology Pro Silway II balanced interconnects that are in excellent condition. These are about 15 years old. From what info I could find these where around $500 new. Yours for $200 plus ship.Signature Sound is a small Hi-End HiF...

Snake River Audio Cottonmouth Signature - $795.00
Tax time cometh, and I need to sell some gear. So now I make these wonderful pair of Snake River Audio Cottonmouth Signature speaker cables available. These are made of Gold, silver and copper, and can embarrass many higher priced cables. Very sweet, relaxing ...

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