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Parasound D/AC 1000 - $30.00
Have a Parasound D/AC 1000 for sale for parts only. When I got this the panel for the push buttons on the right side was pushed in. Got ahold of Parasound and they graciously sent me another panel. I thought I had fixed it. Moved the unit to another system...

P-Mount Cartridges Grado, Audio Technica - $60.00
P-MOUNT Cartridges:Audio Technica DR750, new in shopworn box $60Grado MPS-1 Ellyptical new in box $75BOTH FOR $120 shipped I prefer Paypal and I don't charge fees. Free priority mail shipping in the USA, International shipping will be depend...

Philips ECG 6550 NIB Quad - $480.00
Here is one matched quad made in the USA by Philips Holland after it acquired Sylvania. This is the wonderful Sylvania "welded-plate" said to be one of the best sounding 6550 tubes ever made, perhaps only second to the Tung Sol Blackplate 6550. These...

EAD T-7000 - $20.00
In good shape but does not play, at least won't play my cd's. Drawer works fine but cd won't spin. Cleaned the lens also. Beyond my poor DIY skills to figure out and then to fix so sold for parts only. Pretty darn heavy at around 40 lbs net so ...

Jaton Operetta - $529.00
Having locked in to an all-tubed system, the Jaton needs a new home since it's not getting enough playing time to justify keeping it. This is a very good SS pre for the money: clear, transparent and very quiet."The tonality of the Jaton pre-amplifi...

High Fidelity CT-1E - $2,900.00
Up for sale is a pair of 2.5 meter High Fidelity CT-1 E (ENHANCED) Speaker cables in great condition. Spades and banana configuration.The cables have 200+ hrs of usage so you just need to plug-in this unsurpassed technology to your audio system for couple o...

Audio Physic Step - $600.00
Superlative monitor. Set up correctly they truly disappear. Throws wide stage outside of speakers. Very good depth. Authoritative bass. Nicely detailed. Really reflects what the recording and upstream equipment do. Don't want to sell but I just don't h...

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