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HiDiamond XLR Diamond 3 -  1,200.00
Up for sale is a 9/10 condition HiDiamond Diamond 3 XLR of 1,5 Meter taken in as a trade. This is the top of the XLR line of HiDiamond. We have tested it and found to be superb! We are official dealers so please buy with confidence. If paid with PayPal please ...

Devore Fidelity Gibbon 3xl - $3,000.00
I am the second owner of this flawless pair of Gibbon 3xl's in Mahogany Bamboo. These speakers have received amazing reviews and they are fantastic for near-field listening. I drove these with a Cary 300SEI and the speakers are an easy load with their 90D...

Canary CA-306 - $2,400.00
Canary Audio CA-306 300B push pull amplifier in excellent working and cosmetic condition. Comes with EH 300B Gold tubes. I am the second owner, but the amp was purchased by me from an authorized Canary dealer. The build quality is superb. The amp runs quiet (n...

HiDiamond Diamond 8 Speaker Cable -  1,200.00
Up for sale is a used 9/10 Mint condition speaker cable from HiDiamond. Cable is 3 meters long and received as a trade in for another cable. We have tested it, it is working perfectly, it has zero scratches, previous owner took great care of it.We accept P...

High Fidelity CT-1 - $800.00
This cable was taken in as a trade from a customer. It is in great condition 9/10. Client just upgraded to the CT-1U Interconnects. The cable have 200+ hrs of usage so you just need to plug-in this unsurpassed technology to your audio system for couple of days...

Welborne Labs Starchief - $3,000.00
My cherished Welborne Labs Starchief 'imperial' up for sale and on eBay also.My cherished, loved and looked after Welborne Labs Starchief 'Imperial' are now reluctantly for sale. I have owned this pair since purchasing direct from Ron Welbor...

Sumiko Blackbird - $795.00
For sale a mint condition Sumiko Blackbird cartridge. This is less than 4 months old, with less than 25 hours of playing time. I am the original owner, and I bought it from a certified USA Sumiko dealer. Not gray goods, or demo. Best HOMC I have ever heard, bu...

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