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Aikido 6SN7 Octal Preamp Kit

Price:  $250.00
Original Price: $300.00
Days/Views:  3494 / 1092 (Posted 2008-11-30)
Condition: 10/10 New
Accessories: Original box, manual
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Feedback:  5.0/5.0

I have for sale a COMPLETE Aikido preamp kit and the Janus Regulator board kit also...These were brought from John Broskie and I have no time to complete them...Kits are complete and new in boxes...I am selling both kits together...All you need is a transformer, chassis, volume pot, selector switch and some RCA's...All kits come with original paperwork...I will pay for shipping in the USA... This is what you get in the Aikido kit: Tungsol 6SN7 Vacuum Tubes (New Russian) : Four Tungsol 6SN7 Tubes from Russia (+$60.00) Resistors for Aikido Stereo PCB with Redundant Values : 5% 1W Carbon-Film (+$10.00) Supporting and Power-Supply Capacitors : Wima, MKP10 0.68µF & 0.33µF 630Vdc; and Six Electrolytic Capacitors (+$10) Set of Ceramic PCB-Mount Tube Sockets : Four Ceramic PCB-Mount Tube Sockets (+10.00) RTI Audio Coupling Capacitors from RTI Electronics : Two RTI 1µF 400Vdc Coupling Capacitors (+$20.00) PIO (Paper-In-Oil) Coupling Capacitors : Two 0.47µF 500Vdc NOS Russian PIO Capacitors (+$10.00) Sets of PCB stand-offs and screws and o-rings : Eight sets PCB stand-offs and screws and o-rings (+$8.00) Rotary switch for switching between output Capacitors : Rotary switch, 4-pol, 3-pos, non-shorting switch (+$2.50) Super strong double sided tape to hold coupling capacitors in place : 5 inches of 3M brand super double-sided tape (+$1) The original Janus regulator kit complete was $100.00 also... Most of the time John is out of stock as these are hot sellers and supply is limited...

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Seller:  gvt1911   (Contact Seller)
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