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Joule Electra VZN-100 MKIV OTL Mono blocks in Piano Black Music Wood Enclosure

Price:  $5,950.00
Original Price: $15,000.00
Days/Views:  451 / 1136 (Posted 2017-02-28)
Condition: 8/10 Very Good
Accessories: Manual
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Seller:  Rich Brkich   (Contact Seller)
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Feedback:  5.0/5.0

Joule-Electra VZN-100 MKIV 100W OTL Power Amplifiers in Optional Piano Black Music Wood Enclosures - USED - $5,950 Plus Ship

We are selling this used pair of Joule OTLs from a long time local customer and friend. They were made in August 2003 and my customer bought them about a year after that (they were store demo's from Sounds Real Audio - a copy of the original bill of sale can be provided with the amp). I've known the owner for many years, and he is very fastidious about the care of his gear. When not in regular use, the amps were fully covered which kept them clean and dust free internally. These amps also saw very little or no use during spring/summer/fall (owner runs/works his own lawn/property maint business which leaves no/little time to enjoy his system during those times), so at most these only saw about 50 hours of use each year - so maybe 800 hours at most total over 13 years of use. We also have performed any/all maintenance on the amps which has only amounted to the replacement of one flaky 6C33 tube socket over the years.

Take a look at the pictures, the amps are in superb shape for their age. I did spot one or two small imperfections (dings) in the enclosures which one would only notice upon close inspection. The Music Wood Chassis on this pair of OTLs have a character line (cut/or slot) about 2/3's the way down which was not present in later Music Wood enclosures (probably because the difficultly to finish/paint it) so they don't look as blocky. Overall cosmetic condition I rate at a 8/10. Also these Music Wood enclosures have aged very well given the shrinkage and expansion wood can go through even though the enclosures use dovetail joint work if I recall correctly.

The amps are in perfect working order, all tubes test and bias good. They are also fairly quiet (electrically) for a pair of MKIII (no these are MKIV! See note below) Joule OTLs . They were always used with my customers Merlin VSM speakers and Joule preamp - never abused. They come complete with all the original packaging crates, manuals etc. I doubt you will ever find a pair of Joule VZN-100's of this age/version in as good cosmetic and electrical condition as these are in.

Why is my customer selling them??? We just got him a nice used pair of VZN-220's!!! and he does not need the VZN-100's anymore! In case it is not obvious, this ad is for the amplifiers alone, the speaker cables, interconnects, and JPS power cord shown in the pics NOT included with the amps!

I (Rich Brkich), have many years experience with Joule-Electra gear and provide support and service for most all Joule-Electra products since Jud Barber retired and closed Joule-Electra several years ago. Just search Audiogon's Joule-Electra discussions were you can find references from my customers.

For some good info on this version of the VZN-100, check out this Positive Feedback review from 2002:

UPDATE (2/28/17): I was reviewing the original owners manual provided with this amplifier and found a MKIV information page incorporated in it. Apparently these are early MKIV amplifiers. I have attached a picture of this page of the manual with the picture gallery for this amp which describes what delineates a MKIV Joule OTL.

Signature Sound is a small Hi-End HiFi shop located near Syracuse New York. We have been in business since 1990. Feel free to check out our website or call us at 315-622-4137 with any questions. We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. A note to my fellow New Yorkers.... New York state residents (i.e sales billed/shipped to a New York State address) will be charged applicable local New York state sales tax on the total sale amount

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Ship Weight: 125 lbs.
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Seller:  Rich Brkich   (Contact Seller)
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