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SOLD - $ 2800.00

Cary SLP-98P - MM Phono Upgraded Caps & Tubes

Price:  $2,250.00
Days/Views:  286 / 514 (Posted 2017-10-07)
Condition: 8/10 Very Good
Accessories: Original box, manual, remote control
More Info at: Stereophile Review February 2004 by Art Dudley
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Pre-Amplifier: Cary SLP 98P Preamp w/Phono Stage - Upgraded Caps and Tubes $2250.00

(Additional Premium Vintage Tube Option +$800.00)-- in other words, the price with the additional premium vintage tubes is $3050.00.

This all tube, hand wired, point to point, zero feedback design preamplifier has 5 Line level Inputs and 1 MM Phono input, tape loop, mute, a separate power supply and a remote control. Dennis Had design. This full featured preamp gets out of the way of the music, enhancing the imaging and soundstage of the speakers, amp and source. This preamp will enhance any system with its beautiful mid-range articulation, extended silky highs and deep tight bass all presented out of a black background but it makes an especially nice pairing with the Harman Kardon Citation II.

Black faceplate and chrome chassis are in excellent cosmetic condition with some slight scuffing, visible only upon careful inspection under bright light. Second owner. Original Box. Built in 2001. Current pricing from Cary Direct (w/Mundorf or Jensen Cap upgrade) $3857.00.

Capacitor Upgrade: This line of preamps has a reputation for being somewhat soft in the bass. I found that this one was like that. The factory installed Kimber capacitors (a Cary optional upgrade) have been upgraded to V-Cap Copper Foil and Fluoropolymer Film “Elite Reference” Audio Capacitors. The quad of 0.22uf 600 volt V-Cap CuTF Copper and Teflon caps currently sells for $535.28. The teflon coupling caps restore the firm and deep bass that a preamp of this caliber should have. The original Kimber caps from Cary are also included.

Included Tubes: Includes the stock tubes from Cary plus 1 complete additional vintage tube set. Preamplifier includes the tubes shown here:

1 Pair- JAN RCA 6SN7-GT Smoky VT-231 1 Pair- JAN KEN-RAD 6SN7 VT-231 1 Pair - RCA 12AU7A 1 Pair - Sylvania 12AX7A 1 Pair- JAN Philips 5814A (12AU7) 1 Pair- JAN Philips ECG 12AX7WA 1 Quad Shuguang 6SN7GT

The search for this preamp, component upgrades and Tube rolling are documented here:

Premium NOS Vintage Tube Option: This optional Vintage Tube complement has been selected to bring out the most the SLP-98p can offer with an exquisite balance of 3D realism, eloquent highs, transparency and bass weight. Tubes are listed with brief note on impact (+$800). Pictures show these premium tubes installed.

Front 6SN7 Position: (2) (used) 1959 Raytheon brown base, black flat plate, D-getter 6SN7WGT’s with copper risers – “Raytheon Sizzle”—add sparkle here – more extension, no mid-range over-emphasis, more linear overall.

All of the other Premium Upgrade tubes were NOS when installed and have 200 to 300 hours of use.

Second Row 6SN7: RCA triple mica smoky black plate 5692s – neutral type of tube needed in this position. Second Row 12-AX7 (Phono) Under Metal/spring Damper: Sylvania triple mica gold brand USAF 5751 gray plates. Bass tight and full. Extended top. Lush midrange. No sacrifices. Third Row 5814 (Phono): RCA 5814A (Orange Print) Triple Mica Black Plate pair

See pictures of the Premium Tubes here:

Art Dudley's Review, Stereophile, February 2004

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