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SOLD - $ 280.00

GROMMES LITTLE JEWEL 20 LJ Rebuilt and sounds great. New PS caps and tested tubes

Price:  $260.00
Original Price: $340.00
Days/Views:  223 / 4616 (Posted 2018-09-10)
Condition: 6/10 Good
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Feedback:  5.0/5.0

If you are just thinking about getting into tube amplifiers here is a very sweet sounding vintage tube amp that has just been rebuilt. No need to go through the hassle of testing and rebuilding when this Grommes has already been refurbished for great sound and reliability. Price is just 260.00 which is reasonable for an integrated tube amp from the 1960s.

This just rebuilt classic integrated tube amp is from the "Golden Era" and is supplied with sweet sounding German made el84 tubes. Vintage tube amps are renowned for their excellent sound quality. This Grommes 20 is not as well known as some of the other name brands like Scott, Fisher, Dynaco, McIntosh, but the audiophiles know that Grommes makes excellent sounding tube amps. This unit uses 4 el84 power tubes and 4 12ax7 signal tubes for a classic sound. A large part of the sound quality can also be attributed to the excellent transformers which are original to this amp. This unit has been extensively rebuilt with brand new power supply capacitors and a choke to make it dead quiet on my Altec ultra sensitive horn speakers. Also installed are new paper in oil coupling caps which are hermetically sealed for longevity and excellent sonic qualities. The power supply has also been upgraded to a solid state rectification with more capacitance for better bass and voltage/current regulation. A current limiter has also been added to give a nice voltage ramp up. Sound quality from this amp is very good, surprisingly good for such a little amp. The power tubes are operating in push pull class A/B with cathode bias. The cathode bias is chosen for excellent sound (mostly class A) and solid reliability. You want an amp that is dependable with excellent sound. This amp is designed to give you years of service, with the ability to allow you to try different tubes for the best audio experience. Don't let its small size fool you as the saying goes, great things come in small packages Thank you, for reading the complete text and visiting my sale. Here are the pics. Tubes are vintage strong testing made in Germany Valvo and Siemens. 12ax7 tubes are strong testing USA. At the conservative operating point these tubes should last many many hundreds of hours. The amp is clean and tested for many hours. This is not my first rodeo and i have been rebuilding amps for over 20 years. Here is unsolicited testimony from some of the custom made amps that i have sold.

T4L, from California, wrote; Well seasoned and broken in 6L6GB output tubes, 5AR4 rectifier, 6SL7GT with Cornwall speakers sound real nice. Listening to CSNY 4 Way Street, an album I've been listening to for years, using the Mac Mini playing iTunes. The detail is amazing. I just realized that there are some type of wooden percussion instrument on the song "Southern Man." All the times I've listened to the song, I never heard this detail. "Find the Cost of Freedom" caused chills on the back of my neck. I can hear the singers taking breaths between the lyrics. It startled me several times and I know the songs, have listened to the album at least 100 times. Now listening to "Street Life" by The Crusaders. Female vocals sound great, the bass is slamming, drums sound great, percussion is beautiful, horns/wind instruments are bright, soundstage sounds like a live performance. There's no noise between tracks, the tambourine sounds clear and detailed, I'm listening to music! Rudy from Texas wrote back; "did the quickest setup for me. am listening to youtube videos on roku. optical out from TV to teradak NOS dac to audionote one pre-amp to your amp. old audioquest emerald interconnects. clear day speaker wires (thin guage solid wire (silver, I think) to 1970's klipsch heritage speakers ( I have had for more than 10 years, don't think they have ever been opened) the sound is amazing! the amp and speakers disappear. getting the same feeling I had when first listened to audionote meishu. I know my audio memory is fleeting but difficult to say what difference there is between these tubes and 300B. have heard push pull el 34 amps before but this is way different, and way better. acoustic piano and bass sound exceptional"

THE AMP FOR SALE IS SHOWN IN THE PHOTOS. Please check the carefully as they are what you are buying. The condition is fair as the faceplate has some dings and the lettering is hard to see and missing in some areas. The chassis as can be seen has some areas that are discolored and surface rust. None of these physical attributes detract from the sound quality which is excellent. If you would like to have a custom amp built i can make an amp to your specification I have many of the parts necessary to do that. Just email me. Be sure to email me to check out pictures of the other custom amps that i have made.

Please remember that this amp is sold strictly as is, after all, some of the parts were made during the 1960s. Vintage tube amps , and tube amps in general, require a bit more care and attention, than some Best Buy Blunder Bust, which you simply play and throw away when it dies. Tubes need to be replaced after about 3000 hours of use and caution is required as tubes are hot. Although this amp is built to extremely high standards and with the utmost of care it is sold strictly as is. That being said , i stand by the quality of the work i put into the rebuild and i certainly will do my best to rectify any problems that you encounter. Thank you very much for reading my ad.

I have been rebuilding and making tube amps for over 25 years, so you can buy with confidence. This is a perfect amp for small room like a bedroom or den. Price is very low for a rebuilt fully tested tube amplifier. Do a search, other than made in China amps of dubious distinction, the price is reasonable and I am available for modifications and repairs if necessary. Try to get any support from buying an amp from China.

Please remember that this amp is sold strictly as is. Caution is required as tubes are hot and there is no bottom cover to the amplifier. Just remember if you are into headbanging, window rattling, neighbors phoning the police, loudness, this amp is definitely not your cup of tea. But if you are looking for a great sounding little amp for your den or bedroom this will make a Bose sound like pocket transistor radio in comparison and probably cost less and have a better resale value. Although this amp is built to extremely high standards and with the utmost of care it is sold strictly as is. Thank you very much for reading my ad. TAGS; altec lansing, jbl, , dynaco, dyna, , heathkit, heath, fisher, EICO, vacuum tube, tubed stereo, valves, audiophile, 12ax7, 6L6, 6BQ5, EL84.

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