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Michael Green Room Tunes 2 Sets of MG's Room Tunes for Sale

Price:  $195.00
Original Price: $375.00
Days/Views:  2792 / 1321 (Posted 2010-08-30)
Condition: 9/10 Excellent/Like New
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Seller:  Kurly   (Contact Seller)
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Using hi-tech materials and construction, the Michael Green Audio RoomTunes Acoustical Control Pillows offer substantial power, control and flexibility to optimize the acoustic performance of your listening room or home theater with a very reasonable investment.

Michael Green Audio's RoomTune acoustical control pillows have been utilized for over two decades by audiophiles and music professionals to optimize their room acoustics. They are also employed by audio dealers to get the best sound in their showrooms, and by all levels of schools in their performance venues and practice rooms.

As you know, your room is as crucial a component of your audio system as your amplifier, loudspeakers, or source. The sound of your system, in fact, depends dramatically on the sound of your room! RoomTunes pillows treat your room’s acoustics by managing the excess sound energy that accumulates in various critical room locations such as corners. When this accumulated energy is not addressed it creates distortion and frequency imbalance, resulting in reduced enjoyment.

Even with great speakers and electronics, your system's best performance is likely being masked unless you are addressing your room's acoustical issues. Room Tuning with RoomTunes pillows allows you to hear the best your system has to offer and get the most enjoyment possible from your music.

RoomTunes tuning pillows have both reflective and energy "burning” characteristics. Importantly, they preserve the frequency balance of the signal reproduced by your loudspeakers. Unlike with damping products that kill the music by absorbing some frequency ranges more than others, with RoomTunes no musical content is lost. The excess sound energy that causes distortion and fatigue is “burned” uniformly, so the integrity of the musical content and the harmonic balance produced by your audio system is preserved. Your music becomes clearer, more focused, and more natural sounding.

With RoomTunes, you’ll hear the difference right away ... and the more you listen, the more you'll appreciate what they contribute to your listening experience.

The TunePak package provides a standard RoomTune solution that is effective for most rooms. You can always add more Pillows for large or irregular rooms.

RoomTunes II Room Tuning Pillows in Grey:

The TUNEPAK consists of:

4 CornerTunes 2 EchoTunes 4 TuneStrips

List price . . $449.50 SALE PRICE! . . $195.00 ($9.95 shipping)

I also have for sale a Mini-RoomTune Pack for $125.00 (Grey)

Read all the reviews here:

Accept PayPal, USPS money order or personal check (I will ship after fund is cleared). I will provide feedback id on Ebay upon request.

Payment and Shipping
Pay By: Personal Check after it clears, Paypal, Money Order/Certified Check
Ship Weight: 8 lbs.
Ships From: United States
Ships To: USA Only
Shippers/Payer: Postal / Paid by: Buyer
Shipping Notes: Paypal +3%, shipping costs are ($9.95 for each room tune pack)

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Seller:  Kurly   (Contact Seller)
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