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Spectral DMC-10 Preamplifier

Price:  $1,250.00
Days/Views:  4882 / 1246 (Posted 2005-01-11)
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This is the Legendary Spectral DMC10 Delta. Even today almost 20 years after its first production it still offers a fantastic value when compared to other similar items. She is still a beauty to look at on the inside. Yes, made with a gold circuit board. She might be showing her age on the outside but that is no indication of how she performs. She comes with the separate power supply. No on/off switch, this baby is not meant to be turned off. Works best after a 24 hour warm up/stabilizaton. Phono for both MM and MC is available. You have to manually switch the gain and load from the inside. Below is some information on the preamp taken from Spectrals' web sight. "The first product to feature Spectral's unique "systemboard" construction, an approach typically found only in instrumentation-quality design. Systemboard construction unifies the active portions of the preamplifier, including the connecting jacks, into one part which docks with the passive section, including the chassis and controls. The benefits for performance and servicing are considerable. The first preamplifier to utilize power MOSFETs. In their freedom from the harsh distortions found in other solid state devices, power MOSFETs more closely approximate the performance characteristics of pentode vacuum tubes. Spectral's close ties to leading edge Silicon Valley companies have enabled us to consistently take the initiative in adapting state-of-the-art technology to audio use." This Preamp was used in conjunction with the DMA-100. Paypal no problem, add four percent. Please email if you have any questions.


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Seller:  chadrah   (Contact Seller)
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