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SOLD - $ 2000.00

Synergistic Research PowerCell 10 SE Cost $5500 - SALE $2000!!

Price:  $2,000.00
Original Price: $5,500.00
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Synergistic Research PowerCell 10 SE - Power Conditioner/Spike Protection ($5500) Including a Synergistic Research Precision Reference Power Cord ($1200)

Like NEW in the box.

Call or Text me at 817-821-8321.

The Synergistic Research PowerCell 10 SE sets itself apart from the PowerCell 6 and 10 via a higher performance Active EM filter and an additional Quantum Tunneling process (for a total of 2 Quantum Tunneling processes per PowerCell 10SE). In addition to Quantum Tunneling, the PowerCell 10SE is also Actively shielded, using the same Zero-Capacitance Active Shielding Synergistic's Tesla Series cables employ. While the PowerCell 6 and 10 have a 20 amp IEC for AC connectivity, the PowerCell 10 SE has a 32 amp Powercon connector and comes standard with our highest performance power cord for line conditioners- the Tesla Precision AC.

With 5 isolated circuits you enjoy the same benefits as the standard PowerCell 10 with total isolation for up to 5 active components or enough connectivity for an entire Home Theater. For large two channel systems with multiple components and monobloc amplifiers, digital components should be combined on the same Teslaplex AC outlet to effectively isolate your analog components from digital noise contamination. Add a QLS 6 or QLS 9 and you can power up to 9 MPC Tesla Active Shielding power supplies with a significant boost in Active Shielding performance or for added connectivity for additional line level components without loss of current.

Since the PowerCell 10 SE comes standard with our highest performance Active Tesla power cord especially designed for line conditioners, no power cord upgrade is necessary for maximum performance.

Synergistic PowerCell Reviews
Stereo Times

The Absolute Sound via

"...The Powercell 10 liberates the music from dynamic restrictions and makes possible effortless flow, vitality and speed with extraordinary control. It certainly eliminates any dynamic hindrances or spatial flattening that I could ever associate with power conditioners. The conditioner removes any hint of AC-related grunge, haze or blurring and unmasks the full harmonic complexity and richness of the music. It can facilitate a soundstage that affords the listener a 3-dimensional, musical immersion that is riveting. The Powercell seems to raise the performance level of every active component in the system, which in turn delivers an even longer list of sonic improvements..."

"...Needless to say, the Synergistic Research PowerCell, the Tesla Plex, at least one Hologram A and one Hologram D, and probably two Tesla T 2s are staying as part of my reference system. There is no question that my Shindo Labs and H-Cat equipment is greatly contributing to the qualities that I heard, but the Synergistic Research PowerCell and power cords greatly enhance their performance...."


Is there a synergy between the PowerCell and Synergistic Research cables?

Most definitely. In fact, having all Synergistic actively shielded and Quantum Tunneled power cords in your system along with the PowerCell provides an exponential increase in the performance. Add Synergistic speaker cables and Interconnects and your entire system is taken to another level yet again. The Synergistic line of cables were designed to work together in a specific way that the sum performance gain in an all Synergistic system is greater than the individual gains of each cable.

Can other cables be plugged in to the PowerCell?

Of course. The PowerCell works and plays well with other manufacturer's cables.

I have heard that power conditioners can limit dynamic transients in music. Does the PowerCell 10 SE limit dynamics?

Not one bit. If anything, it helps your system achieve its dynamic potential through its unique design.

Call or Text me at 817-821-8321.

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