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DIY 46 - 2A3 Six Channel amplifier , extra tubes, use as is or use for parts

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Six channel amp using 5965 to drive a 46 for 4 channels and 2A3 for the other 2. I was using this to triamp my horn system but with 2 more power supplies you could have 3 separate stereo amps or use it for parts. I have been using it for 6 years with zero issues. I finally bested it with $24,000 worth of the latest Naim amps. Gorgeous sound. About 1.5 watts from each 46 and 2.5-3 from the 2A3 channels. Prefer pickup in Evansville IN or meet in the middle. It comes apart (harnesses have plugs) but would be very heavy to ship. Might consider it. Open to reasonable offers especially if you can pick it up

I built this with the guidance of Jeffery Jackson of Experience Music fame. It is a stacked design meaning the plate of the driver tube is connected directly to the grid of the output tube hence no coupling cap or transformer to get in the way. Built with hammond chokes and transformers and ElectraPrint (Jack Eliano) output transformers. The power supply is choke input using ASC oil/film caps and tube diodes.. NO electrolytics anywhere. It has about $600 of output transformers plus $600 in chokes and other transformers, maybe $400 in tubes, plus all of the other parts were many hundreds. Guessing at an investment of around $2500-3000 just in parts.

The direct coupled design means as the line voltage drifts the bias will change a little. To keep this from happening I generated stable AC by using a precision sine wave generator to a Crown power amp then stepped it up to 110VAC to supply the B+ section of the power supply. That generates some heat so it has a high volume fan added that makes a bit of noise. I had it in a closet so wasn't an issue. You really don't have to use this, you just need to check the bias which is very easy to do with built in meters and easily adjustable. I will include the generator and power amp for another $300

Included is everything in the pictures with lost of extra NOS tubes. Don't hold me to an exact count but it includes

2 power transformers -- 9 filament transformers -- 13 chokes -- 8 NOS 46 -- 2 NOS RCA 2A3 -- 2 Shuguang 2A3 -- 9 5965 -- 9 6CJ3 -- 3 5U4GB -- 6 ElectraPrint output transformers -- ceramic sockets -- etc.

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