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MARANTZ PM-74D Brand New in Box--Stunning Sonics!

Price:  $450.00
Original Price: $850.00
Days/Views:  2040 / 3885 (Posted 2012-10-21)
Condition: 10/10 New
Accessories: Original box, manual
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Up for sale is a rare offering--a Brand New old stock Marantz PM-74D integrated amplifier! It has always been stored in a heated closet in a clean non-smoking home. It is priced a little higher than the average specimen on ebay. The reason is obvious--It is nearly impossible to find a Brand new piece with virtually zero use (the ones on ebay have an uncertain ownership history and most have obvious wear & tear &/or cosmetic damage.

This is a beautiful component that sounds just as well as it looks--an attractive example of industrial design. Look at the photos to verify the pristine condition. There is a faint scratch at the back that is hard to capture in a photo--every thing else is flawless. The build quality is superb--it weighs 34 pounds (very much unlike the mass market flimsy components that you get these days for under $1000).

This wonderful amplifier was introduced by Marantz in 1986. It was a serious effort at producing a high quality integrated amplifier. This unit (along with its siblings--the 84D & 94D) were well known for their Quarter A circuits. It runs in pure Class A mode for the first 25 watts of its output. If you have reasonably sensitive speakers, you would enjoy the sweet pure sound of Class A amplification. As you know it is very conservatively rated at 100 watts at 8 ohms (it was bench tested to put out 147 watts at 8 ohms by a publication). Unlike to its big brother--the 94D, this amplifier does not have any problems with overheating.

I bought this a few years ago from a local Marantz collector. It is Brand New in the box! I have only taken it out for photos & played it for ~ 30 minutes to check all functions. It works flawlessly. It drove my pair of reference speakers (Dali Euphonia MS4) effortlessly!

This component sold for $850 way back in 1986 (that would be more than $2000 in today's money factoring in inflation). I love high end Marantz amplification. I am very familiar with its sound as I owned another PM-74D when I bought this. I bought this to be kept in reserve in case my older 74D broke down. That amplifier is still going strong. The 74D exemplifies the best traits of the Marantz sound--neutral with just a hint of warmth, authoritative bass & beautiful tone; overall very musical. I feel that its sound has some of the best traits of tube amplification without any of the hassles or drawbacks. I have owned & extensively listened to several mega buck modern day amplifiers and can confidently say that this Marantz is very comparable to components costing 10 times more.

It is MADE IN JAPAN. Look at the attention to detail with the extensive use of copper inside the chassis & even the use of Copper screws on the sides (said to optimize sound quality). A big plus is the presence of tone (Bass & treble) controls which as very useful to tame the sound of harsh recordings.

Another bonus feature is the provision of a high quality phono stage that has settings for both MM & MC cartridges. Sound wise, this phono stage easily competes with my $1000 dedicated phono stange.

It comes well packed in its ORIGINAL BOX with the Instruction manual (It even has the original blank warranty card which is of course of no use now!).

PAYMENT: By Paypal, Money Order, Personal check (will ship after it clears) or Cash upon local pick up. Will much prefer a local transaction.


At my price the buyer (a fan of 2 channel stereo listening) will get a Pristine condition integrated amplifier with versatile performance that should give years of listening pleasure. If you think about it, you can easily spend more than this on a pair of mid level interconnects!

Please check my extensive 100% positive feedback on AUDIOGON for peace of mind and to be assured of a smooth hassle free transaction.

If interested, please give me a call at 425-698-7378 or e-mail. I will be happy to discuss any queries you might have.

Thanks for looking at my ad.

Payment and Shipping
Pay By: Personal Check after it clears, Paypal, Money Order/Certified Check, COD Certified Check
Ship Weight: 45 lbs.
Ships From: 98029 (Issaquah, WA)
Ships To: USA Only
Shippers/Payer: UPS, FedEx / Paid by: Buyer
Shipping Notes: Will ship within 24 hours of receiving payment

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