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Audio Sensibilities Cable-3.5mm stereo plug to 2 RCA Plugs -Perfect for Chord Mojo and others

Price:  $89.00
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FAST FREE SHIPPING Chord Mojo Cable – 3.5mm male Stereo plug to two RCA Male Phono plugs 0.7 meters or approx. 28 inches Up for sale is a simple cable to connect your Chord Mojo (or any other 3.5mm output device) to an external amplifier. I used this cable to connect directly to my power amp in a main speaker setup where the transparency of the Mojo was considerable better than running through a preamp. You would think that a simple one piece adapter with 3.5mm plug on one side and two female RCAs on the other coupled with a nice $600 RCA cable sporting WBT Nextgen Silver RCAs would sound great. Well, close to great but that 49 cent adapter really limits what the Mojo is feeding the amp. Okay what about a well built shielded cable form the likes of Belkin, nope more of the same veil. Two important things in cable design for higher end equipment that usually come into play audibly ( or not if you are a cable denier), the connectors and the wire. IMHO over the years the connectors are more important that the wire. But you still l have to have good wire. Enter pcocc copper wire. Well made very long crystal structure and it sounds very well balanced(unlike some cheap silver plate or pure silver that is not soft annealed). OHNO process and pcocc go hand in hand and is only made by a few licensed factories. Add to this a solid well respected Neutrik 3.5mm male on one end and fantastic sounding (and not crazy priced) Furutch FP-126 G RCA males on the target end and you get a superb sounding cable. Audio Sensibilities of Canada is the maker and uses a Star Quad arrangement. This cable is approximately 30 inches in length or 0.7 meters. Clean, open, tight deep bass, vocals just a bit more forward than lesser cables and way better than my fancy RCAs going through a cheap or fancy Audioquest adapter. Don’t bottleneck your Mojo!

From Audio Sensibilities Description: The Impact SE 3.5mm Stereo to RCA Cable is designed to connect portable devices with a 3.5mm stereo jack output to music systems with RCA inputs. Ohno Continuous Cast (OCC) copper with a purity of 99.99998% (7N) is used for the conductor material. Cable Geometry: Balanced design with four Teflon-insulated OCC copper conductors arranged in a star-quad configuration. Two conductors are used for signal and two conductors are used for return. A spiral copper shield is provided for EMI/RFI rejection. Output Connection: Choice of straight or angle 3.5mm stereo plug. See product selections for available options. Input Connection: Furutech FP-126 Gold-Plated RCA plugs with an OCC copper center pin. This is the little plug that could.

Covering: Soft PVC jacket. The cable is very flexible and can be easily routed to conceal the appearance.

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