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Price:  $795.00
Original Price: $3,400.00
Days/Views:  245 / 8767 (Posted 2017-11-13)
Condition: 7/10 Good
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Offering a KEMP POWER SOURCE VERSION 1. Rarely ever offered for sale and I haven't seen one offered for sale since I bought this example. Purchased a reviewers sample from "Norm" who rated it a "9/10". When I received it, a portion of the upper face area where the receptacles are was slightly "pushed" in. Strictly a cosmetic issue as this does not affect the performance. I tried to capture this blemish in the pictures. There also is one 1/4" scratch on the side as shown in the picture. Minor other marks around the receptacles that were there when I received it that were not disclosed as well from that reviewer, Mr. Norm "Magoo". Also includes an EXEMPLAR 20 AMP POWER CORD that is powered by an included wall wart. This PC has stained areas next to the wooden box that were there when I received it from Mr. Magoo. Obviously this reviewer is visually impaired...makes me shudder when considering his auditory attributes as well although normally when one is impaired of any human sense they are usually heightened in another sense, but that is certainly not the case here with Mr. Norm Magoo.

Info from the manufacturers website: POWER SOURCE The most comprehensive mains conditioner for your entire audio/video system. The development of the POWER SOURCE took us no less than 4 years, as the design goals were very ambitious from the start; a mains conditioner that delivers the best possible improvement for a complete audio/video system in one modest enclosure. The POWER SOURCE is designed to strongly minimize and/or completely remove mains pollution and distortion all in one go. After installation of the POWER SOURCE you will realize that the quality of the mains was a weak link in the chain. Arguably maybe even the weakest link.


•8 Grounded output power sockets •Several filter sections •DC-offset filter •Three way overvoltage and surge protector •Power capability 3800 Watts @ 230 V •Shielded against EMI/RFI through aluminum diecast housing •All contacts are cryogen treated •Weight 13 kg / 33 lb •Dimensions 250 X 250 X 100 mm •9.85 x 9.85 x 3.94 inches

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Seller:  MOONCRIKIT   (Contact Seller)
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