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SOLD - $ 500.00

Synergistic Research Tranquility Base Standard size, original model ***REDUCED***

Price:  $600.00
Original Price: $2,000.00
Days/Views:  128 / 480 (Posted 2018-06-15)
Condition: 7/10 Good
Accessories: Original box
Seller:  agriculturist   (Contact Seller)
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Feedback:  5.0/5.0

Offered for sale is one Synergistic Research Tranquility Base in what I am calling 7/10 condition for the cosmetic scratches mentioned below and clearly visible in the pictures. It works perfectly of course and is very effective in reducing EMI/RFI in and around computer audio components, preamps, amps, DACs, perhaps even turntables. Please read the details below carefully to understand this offer.

First, I will mention the two possible issues for some people. (1) While it works perfectly, this Tranquility Base does have purely cosmetic surface scratches (some of them a few inches long) on the top laminated face (you can see them clearly in the first photo, although I have to say that the exposure in this photo makes them appear much worse than they actually appear in normal light). These scratches occurred from the original MiGs moving around on it. They will be hidden from view when you have placed your component(s) on it. And they have no impact on the performance of the Tranquility Base. (2) I do not have any of the six MiGs that SR originally provided with it. The reason is that I have been using Herbie's Extra-firm Tenderfeet under it. The Herbie's footers were so much better under the Base that I sold the MiGs. I do have everything else though. I will provide four of these Herbie's footers at cost if you want them an additional $60, so a total of $660. Or you can buy them directly from Herbie's for the same price. Please note that they are in one of the pictures, but will not be included unless you choose to pay the additional $60 for them.

Next, I will mention a couple of notable positives from your perspective. (1) I will provide a single silver UEF right-angled bullet which is also a meaningful upgrade over the original standard non-UEF right-angled bullet. (2) I had the MPC upgraded by Audiogon member Michael Spallone (see the Audiogon blog link I have provided all the way below for helpful background and feedback on this upgrade). They provide a boost not far from the Transporter Ultra SE that I used to own, and are much better than the stock SR MPCs. You will be responsible for PayPal and shipping. Thanks for your interest. Some helpful descriptions, links, etc.:

Level 2 Active Signal Flow Control

Level 1 Passive Ground Plane

9 layer laminate mechanical isolation

18.5 inches wide x 16 inches deep, 1.5″ tall

Please visit the legacy site for the original

Link to Audiogon blog re: modded upgraded MPCs:

Payment and Shipping
Pay By: Paypal
Ship Weight: 25 lbs.
Ships From: 10010 (New York, NY)
Ships To: USA Only
Shippers/Payer: (none specified) / Paid by: Buyer
Shipping Notes: (none)

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Seller:  agriculturist   (Contact Seller)
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Membership:  Audiophile
Asylum Feedback:  5.0/5.0
AudigoN Feedback: agriculturist
Location:  Northeast, United States
Registered on:  2012-12-04
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