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RCA LC-1 Museum Quality LC-1 and LC-1A in Orig. RCA Cabinets

Price:  $5,999.00
Days/Views:  1553 / 1258 (Posted 2014-03-23)
Condition: 7/10 Good
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Well, the best speakers I've ever owned are on the block! We live in an old house and a cracked cast iron sewer pipe with the crack extending through the foundation wall along with an aging furnace has forced my hand and I'm very reluctantly putting my RCA LC-1's up for sale. The cabinets are original RCA MI-12464-M cabinets designed to be oriented either horizontally or vertically and the "M" suffix means they're mahogany. The cabinets are identical but the grill cloths are slightly different. The one cabinet has an LC-1 MI-11411 15" coaxial driver in it (the original version) and the other has an LC-1A MI-11411-A 15" ("flower boob") driver in it but, to my ear, they're virtually indistinguishable. They are amazing speakers and if money were no object I would never sell them. Unfortunately for me, money is/can be an object so I can't keep them forever.

The cabinets are approximately 31" X 25" X 16" so you've either got to come here to South Central PA to get them, or else arrange shipping somehow. These speakers and cabinets for circa 1950 so they're far from perfect but, for a rare gem such as these, to me and others who have seen them, the'ye beautiful and I/they wouldn't change a thing.

You're going to want to hear these beauties in person anyway, I'm sure. They came with speaker wires attached and though they're only "zip cord", they have a fuse block wired into each one so I've been listening to them as found for safety reasons but it's hard to imagine them sounding better with "boutique" wires.

I'm currently without a tube amp (first time in a long time) and have been driving these with a refurbished Marantz 140 power amp and a Dynaco PAS-4 tube preamp with my Granite Audio 657 tube cd player and my recently restored Empire 298 turntable and it sounds amazing. I'm going to miss these more than any other piece of gear I've ever owned.

The one cabinet came with a base mounted to the inside of the rear panel but the other one did not, nor were there any holes indicating that there was ever one there. It's a basic piece for a good cabinet maker to reproduce, which I planned on having done before this dilemma reared its ugly head.

If you've got any interest in coming to listen to these and are serious about purchasing them, you're more than welcome to come by for an audition. I'm open to serious offers and possibly cash/trade offers as well.

If a cash/trade deal sounds good to you, some of the items I'm currently looking for are: high quality record cleaning machine like VPI HW-16.5 or HW-17;high end cartridges that are a good match for my Empire 98 tonearm and if MC, a compatible SUT;a pair of Jensen P15Q (single roll on surround) and a pair of Atlas high compression super tweeters; a pair of Sony SS-M3,5,7, or 9 speakers;or what do you have I might be interested in? For example, say you've got a VPI HW-17 you could live without and it's in very good to excellent condition and maybe you've got a couple bottles of cleaning fluid from MoFi to go along with it. Then we'd be looking at say your item, plus $4400, in other words, what a well known company sells a brand new HW-17 with a couple bottles of MoFi cleaning fluid for would be deducted from the asking price. Another scenario would be that you've got say a Denon DL-103r that you don't use and a Denon AU-320 SUT, you could trade that and $5200 for the LC-1's. Let me know what you're thinking.

Another option would be if you've got a company that does the epoxy pipe inside a pipe thing, we could go with that and some cash or a trade item or two, depending. That's what I think will be the best option for my sewer line issue, given all the variables. Of course I don't expect to find someone who wants these speakers AND does that kind of work but hey, you never know, just thought I'd throw that out there.

Thanks for looking and let me know if you've got any questions.

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