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Beveridge BCSS Model II with RM1/2

Price:  $5,000.00
Days/Views:  2099 / 2357 (Posted 2012-09-25)
Condition: 9/10 Excellent/Like New
Accessories: Original box
More Info at: Beveridge site
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Beveridge Cylindrical Sound System (BCSS) Model II Electrostatic and RM 1/2 Preamplifier This is the original version, one way, full range line source electrostatic loudspeaker with dedicated OTL amp pedestals – no iron in the signal path – just one cap. See TAS Issue 52 for Walt Bender’s take on these rare and exotic critters. BTW, Walt was one of the smartest sound guys ever to walk the planet and this was his speaker of choice before he dove into the deep end with the even more esoteric Western Electric equipment where a single compression driver is priced far beyond what this pair is worth. The speakers and preamp were Harold (brilliant engineer, innovative and original) and Nadia Beveridge’s personal stereo system equipment which I purchased (in 1985) directly from them when Harold was reorganizing his operation under the California Audio Lab moniker. In addition, I like to think this same preamp/speaker combo was responsible for Rick Beveridge re-establishing production of this legendary speaker system, well, probably not, but when he heard them at my house, he stated that the original Model IIs were indeed the best production model his dad ever built, and, just maybe, was the final push he needed to undertake such a bold endeavor. And if you’re interested in new speakers, I would suggest that you contact Rick directly. When I first got them I had an issue with one of the amps and Harold was kind enough to send me a spare amp, so I have 3 OTL amps. BTW, I had the 3 amps overhauled to the tune of over $2,400 – they’re something like 35 years old, so individual components (caps/resistors) do dry/wear out, I have played them less than 50 hours since, and have the receipt for the work. The preamp has a separate power supply that looks like a 200 watt solid state amp, the entire preamp weighs around 50 lbs, and has 72dB of gain, thus elevating the need for input transformers for moving coil cartridges. At the same time I had the OTLs overhauled I had the preamp get a though going through with any components, resistors or caps, replaced with exactly the same components as Roger Modjeski specified. This preamp absolutely boogies, IMHO, especially if you play records, retains tube sweetness yet has transistor authority and is dead quiet. Build quality is from the golden era of sound reproduction – built like a tank yet very beautiful styling. I have the original Tungstrums, sharper and more immediate sound, and bought tricked out Amperex’s gold pins after reading an article in VTV – a softer smoother sound – now priced at something like $350/pair – this preamp has 4 pair installed – you do the math. Also have other various 6DJ8/6922/7308 tubes along with extra 36KD6 output tubes too. The spec sheet states +/- 2 dB from 40 to 15k for the BCSS Model IIs, which I think is pretty accurate from memory. BTW the SN is 103/104 on these speaker/amps, indicating these were the second pair made, with the desired/preferred “fin” electrodes. I believe the first pair had a white piano lacquered finish, as shown in the first Beveridge brochure. Being a one way, full range speaker system, allows musical instruments or voices to flow through their entire full range without any character or tonal changes that plague every loudspeaker that uses 2 or more speakers to cover the reproduction operating range, the laws of physics can not be denied, differences in diaphragm mass, magnet strength, cone composition, suspension, etc… will make drivers sound different no matter what some companies/gurus say. A lot of the later day high dollar stuff of high end genre don’t manage to not change speed or tone as they go through their crossover(s) points – double negatives not counted. What these bad boys do that no other speaker I’ve heard, is project a holographic image that you can literally walk through. And the musicians/singers positions do not shift, even as you move about or if you stand or sit or lay on the floor. This attribute might be the result of Harold’s “acoustic lens” which ensures full power response over the entire frequency range and disperses it over 180 degrees – no dropouts in the highs if you move. Before I bought these I was using a variety of Quad ELSs configurations – single and stacked. I even tried Sound Lab’s early curve panel speakers. Ultimately, I found the Bevs to be more satisfying and full range, they have the Quads same micro-dynamics, low level resolution along with their purity in the midrange, however, they are full frequency range - yes these will not get you evicted for ultimate SPL or make your ears bleed. When you think about what real dynamic range is, think lowest level you can hear the entire performance, including the emotional aspect, and the output level right before a speaker starts to distort, and then you’ll understand that the Bevs actually have a very wide dynamic range, they’re just not loud in pure SPL but can deliver the goods at low output levels. Bottom-line, great speakers don’t need or require to be played loud to hear it all. One of the joys I experienced with the Bevs is the ability to listen to tunes late at night without incurring the wrath of my bride or children, yet never miss any of the nuances contained within a recording. They are beautiful and elegant – a brilliant engineering solution, wish I had design them. I have the original plywood shipping crates too. I’m sure you’re asking yourself why is this guy selling these pristine, rare speakers and preamp, well time has caught up with me and have been diagnosed with severe ear damage from pile driving equipment and shooting weapons (not from playing a LP Junior thru a cranked 65 AC30 – no way!!), without hearing protection, shame on me for thinking I was being cool, when in fact, I was the fool. Only sold as a set just like I bought them from Harold and Nadia.

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