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FRITZSPEAKERS.COM Editors Choice Award winning CARRERA 7 BE loudspeakers with series crossovers

My Carrera BE loudspeakers are available for direct purchase with a 30+ day money back guarantee if you aren't absolutely delighted with their performance in your system and acoustic environment. I have Cherry wood, Teak, Walnut and striped Ebony in stock and I can build them in many other wood finishes. They are also available for audition at some select dealer showrooms in the DC Metro area, New York city, Los Angeles and the San Francisco bay area.

This Carrera model uses ScanSpeak Revelator mid/bass drivers which besides having great mid/range, also have excellent low bass response to below 40 Hz. Many highly rated top name brand companies use 7 inch ScanSpeak Revelator mid/bass drivers that are priced 2 to 6 times more than mine! ($7,000 to $21,000 a pair, check out the other pictures)

Check out my FritzSpeakers.Com web site for links to my 37 loudspeaker reviews including the new Editors Choice award winning Carrera BE loudspeakers that I got from Part Time AudioPhile.Com

Jack Roberts (Dagogo.Com reviewer) said this about the Carrera's- "I can tell you this’ they are the best speakers I have ever had in the upstairs system. This would include speakers like the 47 Labs Lens 2, Audience ClairAudient 1+1V2+, Audio Note AN-Ks, Audio Space’s LS3/5a, Fritz's own Accuton 6, Lindemann BL-6, Terresonic Magus, and the GamuT L3."

Jerry of 10Audio.Com is writing a complete review of the Carreras which will hopefully be out soon. Here are a few things he wrote in a preview on the website-

"This review is a work in progress, but I wanted to post something quickly because this is a superior loudspeaker that you need to know about. Here is the summary of my almost 10 pages of listening notes:"

"This might very well be the best, most satisfying, most real sounding music that this writer has heard outside of a concert hall."

"Depending on the size of your listening room and preferred volume levels, you might find that a high powered amplifier is not necessary. Even with the Carrera's sensitivity of 87 dB, the Inspire amplifier, with KT150 power tubes and about 15 Watts, delivers peak sound pressure levels (SPLs) of 85 dB at the listening seat (C-weighted fast response). This loudness level is satisfactory for over 90% of my listening, and only rarely would higher SPLs be welcome. More recently, a pair of Cary Audio CAD-805AE SET amps, with 211 tubes, was installed. This might very well be the best, most satisfying, most real sounding music that this writer has heard outside of a concert hall."

"The Carrera BE speaker delivers a human voice that sounds more like a real, living, breathing person than any other speaker I have heard. After hearing this clarity and truthfulness from your audio system in your listening room, there is no going back."

"The Carrera BE has the best qualities of a single driver speaker. This completely coherent performance is at least partially due to the series crossover between the two drivers, which is inaudible. However, the Carrera BE has much better bass and the entire treble range is far more extended and high resolution than other single driver speakers."

"This review will be completed as time permits. If you are shopping or thinking about shopping for a 2-way speaker, at any price from any manufacturer, the Carrera BE should be included in your considerations. This review began with review loaner speakers, and is now a work in progress with reviewer owned speakers, which are the same pair. The Carrera BE speakers are stunning in their ability to communicate extraordinarily realistic performers."

Also, check out Francisco Duran's Positive Feedback review of the Carrera BE's. He also awarded me his writers choice award.


Frequency Response: 36Hz-40Khz +/- 3 db

Sensitivity: 87 db (1 Watt, 2.83 V @ 1 Meter)

Mid/Bass driver: 7 inch ScanSpeak Revelator paper cone features a non-resonant cone and dust cap structure, dynamic linear suspension, SD-1 magnet system, "Grasshopper" cast chassis with maximized air flow and resonance terminating mounting system. Less resonance in all structures, lower compression and higher linearity, faster termination of excess energy and higher sound pressure capability.

Tweeter: 1 inch Transducer Labs Beryllium- From their web site- At Transducer Lab, our goal is to produce drivers that accurately transform the original electrical signal to an acoustical signal with minimal alteration. Quality is a factor as well. Our drivers are carefully assembled and tested in lab conditions. Transducer Lab tweeters are matched to +/- 1db and each tweeter is thoroughly tested and evaluated to meet our standard specifications.

The N28BER is a high purity Beryllium dome tweeter with advanced design and premium parts to match. Response to 47khz at 95db SPL with a natural airy sound

Ultra High Purity (99.4%) Beryllium Dome Decompression chambers CNC machined metal parts / ceramic terminal posts High dynamic range/ Acoustic dampening; no ferro-fluid Frequency matched to +/- 1db Under-hung Voice Coil (1.2mm Linear Excursion) Pure Silver Lead Wires and Terminal Posts High-Flux Double Magnet Design Designed, Assembled and Tested in the USA

Crossover: Series crossover without any capacitors or resistors in the circuit with the tweeter. Very easy load on any amplifier including low powered tube amps.

Dimensions/Weight: 16H x 9W x 12D, 30 lbs (each)


Please contact me for more info. Thanks, Fritz Heiler FritzSpeakers.Com 310 379 8190

BTW- Series crossovers actually have variable crossover points. Conventional crossovers are basically mathematical equations that are separately calculated based on the impedance of the mid/bass driver and tweeter used in the speaker.

When music is playing through a loudspeaker, the drivers voice coils heat up and the impedance and other electrical parameters can change. A heated 8 ohm mid/bass driver coil may become 7 ohm, a 6 ohm tweeter coil may become 8 ohm (could be higher or lower depending on voltage & current), effectively changing the cross over frequencies of each driver. The mid/bass could now roll off sooner (lower) and the tweeter could come in later at a higher frequency... or vise versa. This can result in an overlap or suck out between them.

With series crossovers both of the drivers are in the same circuit and the crossover points fluctuate between the two drivers eliminating the peaks or suck outs of conventional crossovers.

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