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Fritz Speakers Accuton 6 demo models with Ceramic mid/bass driver & silk dome tweeter with series crossovers

Price:  $2,500.00
Original Price: $3,300.00
Days/Views:  305 / 6748 (Posted 2017-12-17)
Condition: 9/10 Excellent/Like New
Accessories: Original box
More Info at: Jack Roberts Dagogo.Com Accuton 6 review
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Feedback:  5.0/5.0

I've got some demo models with high resolution Accuton Ceramic mid/bass drivers & silk dome tweeters. With my Series crossovers, these are very easy to drive even with low powered tube amps. Here is a copy and paste link to Jack Roberts review on the web site-

Check out the impedance & phase curves on these. Google any other loudspeaker & see if they have a Stereophile review & look at the impedance curves on the measurements page. Most name brand speakers impedance curves look like a mountain range with large peaks & dips. Loudspeakers with Series crossovers sound more natural. My web site has more info on why Series crossovers work and sound much better than conventional crossovers.

Check my other ads for more models that are available & go to my web site for links to 35 reviews of my loudspeakers from- The Absolute Sound, Part Time Audiophile, Enjoy the Music, Positive Feedback, Stereo Mojo, 10 Audio, Sonic Flare, Stereo Times and many others.

Thanks, Fritz Heiler FritzSpeakers.Com 310 379 8190

BTW- Series crossovers actually have variable crossover points. Conventional crossovers are basically mathematical equations that are separately calculated based on the impedance of the mid/bass driver and tweeter used in the speaker.

When music is playing through a loudspeaker, the drivers voice coils heat up and the impedance and other electrical parameters can change. A heated 8 ohm mid/bass driver coil may become 7 ohm, a 6 ohm tweeter coil may become 8 ohm (could be higher or lower depending on voltage & current), effectively changing the cross over frequencies of each driver. The mid/bass could now roll off sooner (lower) and the tweeter could come in later at a higher frequency... or vise versa. This can result in an overlap or suck out between them.

With series crossovers both of the drivers are in the same circuit and the crossover points fluctuate between the two drivers eliminating the peaks or suck outs of conventional crossovers.

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Seller:  Fritzspeaks   (Contact Seller)
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