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Pinched Waist Amperex 7062/E180CC/12AT7 Foil-D-Getter Vacuum Tube, Several available

Price:  $85.00
Days/Views:  111 / 6517 (Posted 2017-09-30)
Condition: 10/10 New
Seller:  SOJS   (Contact Seller)
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Feedback:  5.0/5.0

Very Rare Pinched Waist Amperex 7062/E180CC vacuum tubes.

They are made in Holland in 1958 or 1959 with D-Getter and Foil Strip, and have Delta code indicating they are made in Heerlen Holland.

Made for IBM and labeled as IBM/Dario.

$75 for 1 tube.

They test very strong for years of trouble-free service.

Tubes are fully tested by precision calibrated Hickok 539C tubes tester. No shorts, leakage or gas.

They are very quiet, and slightly microphonic only upon mechanical stimulus. Most Pinched Waist tubes tent to be microphonic, but will not affect actual sound.

They may be used in place of 12AT7 tubes, and please note this tube is about 1/2" taller that 12AT7 tube.

7062/E180CC tube is virtually the same as a 5965 in regard to electrical specifications. It has slightly lower gain than the 12AT7, and has the added advantage of a 10,000 hour heater life to make it another audiophile "secret" tube. Very musical and smooth to listen to, and sound better than many 12AT7 tubes.

I can easily select matching sets. I will send you photos of selected/matched tubes with actual measurements upon request.

I guarantee excellent performance, so buy with confidence. If you are not satisfied with my tubes for any reason, I will issue full refund for your purchase price.

Payment by check or money order only (no Paypal please). Local pickup is always welcome.

USPS Priority Mail shipping within US with tracking is $8 flat.

Payment and Shipping
Pay By: Personal Check after it clears, Paypal, COD Certified Check
Ship Weight: 1 lbs.
Ships From: 92821 (Brea, CA)
Ships To: USA Only
Shippers/Payer: Postal / Paid by: Buyer
Shipping Notes: (none)

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Seller:  SOJS   (Contact Seller)
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Membership:  Audiophile
Asylum Feedback:  5.0/5.0
AudigoN Feedback: sojs
Location:  So. California, United States
Registered on:  2004-11-21
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