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Siemens, Mullard & more 12AT7, 12AX7, 5751 VARIOUS NOS TUBES FOR SALE

Price:  $1.00
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I recently came across a bunch of mostly NOS tubes I’d bought years ago for some tube rolling experimentation I tried with a vintage tube preamp. Unfortunately for me, fortunately for you, since that preamp is long gone and my current preamp doesn’t use these tubes, I have no use for them.

The tubes were all bought from reputable dealers who tested each of them and rated them extremely well at the time. I didn’t use any one of them for more than 100 hours, and many were used much, much less, so they should still be in great shape. But I do not have the equipment to provide current ratings, or even the preamp to listen to them.

FWIW, the tubes have not been sitting around loose knocking around in a box. Most of them came to me in those flimsy little individual boxes. I didn’t think that offered much protection. So each tube was sponge cushioned in its own plastic pill bottle, and kept in special storage unit to keep them protected. I will ship them to you in the same cushioned pill bottles. Everything sold AS IS. Asking prices listed below. Shipping to CONUS only. Add $5 shipping.

5751 $115 for all 9 5751’s

3 GE JG-5751. Black plates.Triple Mica. Made in USA.Add’l markings: 57-34; 57-52;188-5 3 GE Electronic Tube. Halo Getter. Double Mica. Gray Plates. USA.Add’l markings: MD 88-5

3 GE Electronic Tube.Halo Getter.Double Mica.Gray Plates.USA.Add’l markings:86-35; 188-5

12AX7/ECC83 $125 for all 5 12AX7’s

1 Platinum Series Gold Aero. Triple Mica. Gray Plates. Made in China.

1 Tungsram. Double Mica. Gray Plates. Halo Getter. Made in Hungary. 1 Hungary. Double Mica.Gray Plates.Halo Getter.Strongly resembles Tungsram,but no name.

2 California Audio Labs. Triple Mica. Gray Plates. Square Getter.

12AT7/ECC81 $60 for all 5

2 Siemens. Double Mica. Gray Plates. Halo Getter. Made in India

1 Mullard CV4024. Double Mica. Gray Plates. Halo Getter. Made in Great Britain

2 Gold Aero Platinum Series. Gray plates. Triple Mica. Square Getter. Made in China.

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Seller:  jocar37   (Contact Seller)
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