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VH Audio Pulsar Ag OCC Silver Digital or Analog interconnect

Price:  $99.99
Days/Views:  63 / 25696 (Posted 2023-12-22)
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VH Audio is very pleased to announce the Pulsar Ag. The Pulsar Ag is the culmination of nearly 6 years worth of R&D effort to make a 75 ohm SPDIF digital cable that would set a new bar for digital performance. As a result, the Pulsar Ag is VH Audio's Statement design for true 75 ohm digital SPDIF applications, and its use for shielded analog interconnects is so profoundly good- it will compete favorably with ANY shielded interconnect on the market, regardless of price.

At the core of the Pulsar Ag is VH Audo's UniCrystal™ 24 AWG .999997+ purity SOLID OCC Silver conductor, manufactured using the OCC process (Ohno Continuous Cast). This process results in a conductor that is essentially a single crystal, without the typical grain boundaries found when processed with conventional methods. The UniCrystal™ silver wire is then annealed to a dead soft state (in an inert nitrogen atmosphere), further improving sonic performance. Next, VH Audio's prorietary AirLok™ dielectric is applied as the core, in order to achieve the correct, precise impedance of 75 ohms. In fact, this step is performed with such precision that 2-3X the finished length of cable may end up as "scrap" during the production process, as the AirLok™ is "dialed-in" to the correct parameters. The AirLok™ dielectric is VH Audio's proprietary form of foamed/cellular Fluoropolymer that achieves a dielectric coefficient of 1.4. By comparison, solid Teflon® Fluoropolymers is 2.1 to 2.3, and a perfect vaccum is 1.0. A foil shield is applied over the AirLok™ core, followed by a shielding braid of 40 AWG silver-plated OFHC copper. Lastly, a very thin clear FEP jacket is applied.

Outside diameter is only .110", and the cable is quite light and flexible. Capacitance = 16.7 pF per foot. QUANTITY DISCOUNTS APPLY FOR LENGTHS GREATER THAN 1 METER. This cable is offered by the linear meter, in bulk for DIY termination

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Seller:  ChrisVH   (Contact Seller)
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