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Number of Ratings: 43

***** 5 for sure! Gary is a great communicator. Tubes were expertly packaged and exactly as advertised.
gja on 04/01/2024
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***** Excellent all the way around. I’ve been in this hobby a while and it's good to continue to fine good people who know their tubes!
gd on 12/11/2023
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Byrd69's feedback to gd on 12/11/2023
***** It was a pleasure helping Gregg out with some tubes. A smooth AA transaction

***** great seller great tubes thank you gary sent a new request for a few other tubes I need for my equipment on 10/25/2023
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Byrd69's feedback to on 10/31/2023
***** An excellent transaction. Lots of communications prior to sale. A pleasure to sell tubes to. Thank you, Sir.

***** Great tubes and fantastic seller! Rec’d tubes in just several days, great and friendly communication, and fast! Looking forward to more great tubes from this great seller! Thank you Gary!!!
Brandtacious on 01/16/2023
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***** Gary is a great guy to deal with!! Everything as described and the best packaging I've ever seen! I'll probably keep buying from Gary until I run out of money!
Shep on 12/05/2022

Byrd69's feedback to Shep on 12/07/2022
***** Thank you Shep for being the kind of customer anyone would like to work with. An A+ inmate.

***** I'd give this seller 10 stars if possible. Gary is an exemplary seller in every way. THANK YOU!
paul3 on 02/25/2022
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***** I
paul3 on 02/25/2022
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***** Excellent, trustworthy seller. Very smooth transaction. Top quality tubes. Some of the best packing ever. Highly recommended!
smype on 01/31/2022

Byrd69's feedback to smype on 02/11/2022
***** Thank you, Sir for helping me move some of these tubes out the door.

***** Easy transaction, prompt shipping, great packing job, and tubes exactly as described. A++ seller!
Armstdav on 11/18/2021
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Byrd69's feedback to Armstdav on 11/19/2021
***** A great inmate to work with. Thank you Sir for helping me clean out the shelves.

***** Gary is great to deal with. Timely, informative communication. The tube was packed well and shipped quickly. Everything went smoothly, and as described. Highly recommended, thanks again!
Cory M. on 10/28/2021
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***** Gary, thanks for your great communication and transaction. Top notch seller. Great packing and fast shipping as well!
ACHiPo on 10/16/2021
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Byrd69's feedback to ACHiPo on 10/17/2021
***** An excellent transaction. Lots of communications prior to and after sale. A pleasure to sell tubes to. Thank you.

***** The tubes were matched like Hansel & Gretel, clean, quiet, strong, good communication, great packing, arrived in a timely fashion, what else could you want? Thanx Gary!
gfederys on 06/09/2011
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Byrd69's feedback to gfederys on 12/20/2010
***** George, it was a pleasure assist you with the pair of 5691s. They shall serve you will the Tung-Sols. Merry Christmas!

***** I keep coming back to purchase tubes from Gary and he always helps me find the tubes I'm interested in. Top quality service, shipping and packaging. Always an enjoyable transaction.
jazzcan on 02/15/2011

Byrd69's feedback to jazzcan on 02/16/2011
***** My sales to Richard have been quite enjoyable. I admire buyers, like Richard, who will pick up the phone and give me a call. Thank you for your patronage, Sir. It's nice to hear from you.

***** tubes as described, super well packaged, a great guy to deal with and will buy from again. thanks byrd
stltrains on 01/20/2011
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Byrd69's feedback to on 10/03/2010
***** I think I found another sick son of a B. We are not alone, nor far apart. Thank you so much for your patience. I see a trip to WNY on the horizon.

***** Great 12AX7 tubes, couldn't be happier. Fast shipping and well packed. A+ seller!!
manfred88 on 07/18/2010
***** Great guy, great tubes, fair prices. Patient and helpful. What else can I say.?Oh yeah - A+++
Sebrof on 07/28/2009
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***** Superlative service and honesty from Gary - my highest recommendation!!!
Richard P on 07/28/2009
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***** Gary sold me some very nice Baldwin 12AX7's. Best packing job I've seen in awhile! All items were just as described. Despite my obvious goof-up on this sale, Gary was patient and a gentleman throughout. Thanks much! CW
JSTRM on 07/28/2009
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***** Very Honest. Delightful person to deal with. I would not hesitate to recommend.
paul cbc on 07/28/2009
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***** Great seller, goes out of his way to be upfront and straightforward. A+++ from me!
Ed Sawyer on 07/28/2009
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Byrd69's feedback to Ed Sawyer on 03/10/2005
***** I had the pleasure of selling to Ed on my first Asylum sale. He's a great person to work with. Lots of communication back and forth. I certainly look forward to working with him again, as buyer or seller. Thank you Ed!

***** Wow Gary ! I think you out did yourself this time. I can't belive how the tube i just got from you transformed my system. Thanks again. on 06/04/2009

Byrd69's feedback to on 11/11/2008
***** Thank you Tommy. It's always a pleasure helping out a fellow audio-nut. Don't forget the beers next time.

***** Pleasure to deal with, Great packing and fast shipping, Highly recommended, Will do more business with Gary, Thanks again!
jsawhitlock on 11/10/2008

Byrd69's feedback to jsawhitlock on 11/11/2008
***** Another nice inmate amongst us. Thank you Jeff. I'm appreciate the opportunity to help you out.

***** Gary is an exceptional seller. Tubes were very well packaged and their performance exceeded expectations. He deserves the highest recommendation.
jet21 on 08/30/2008
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Byrd69's feedback to jet21 on 09/20/2006
***** John was a pleasure to help out with some Baldwin 12AX7s. Good communication during the process. I certainly look forward to helping him in the future. Sorry about the long feedback delay here John. Take care. Byrd

***** Gary sent the tube quick and even offered to send me an extra set to see which I liked best. Hightly reccomended! on 08/09/2008
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Byrd69's feedback to on 11/16/2006
***** Greg corresponded frequently and sent his payment quickly. I certainly welcome him back for other tubes.

***** Good Sale. Item was shipped promptly and was well packaged and in correct working order. on 06/11/2008
***** Cannot say enough about Gary. Helped me in every way; great guy & great tubes!
Jsawyer09 on 05/04/2008

Byrd69's feedback to Jsawyer09 on 05/06/2008
***** Thank you Jason for the opportunity to help you out. with the Bugle Boys. I look forward to hearing from you down the road.

***** Gary was a perfect seller all around. Highly recommended!
cody_the_cat on 03/14/2008
***** I would highly recommend this dealer. I have been dealing with him for over a year. He is always helpful in finding just what you need. Communication and shipping is super fast. Byrd69 is one of the good tube sellers and I am glad that tube-o-philes have
mrdon on 01/18/2008

Byrd69's feedback to mrdon on 02/02/2008
***** Thank you Don for your continued business. It's always a pleasure to help you out.

***** Gary is a wonderful inmate. His Smooth Plate Telefunken 12AX7's were perfect in my ARC SP6A phono stage. These were dead quite, perfect for my vinyl rig. Very nice person to deal with...........highly recomended.
Tubular on 12/27/2007

Byrd69's feedback to Tubular on 12/27/2007
***** Thanks Andy for your purchase! It's always great to have someone come back again. Take care. I'm happy I was able to get those to you right before Christmas as intended. Say Hi to you know who.

***** Perfect. I will be buying from Gary again. He even threw in a couple of extras.
www.records on 12/02/2007
***** Bought a Kenwood C-1 from Byrd to use as a back-up/parts horse for the existing C-1. Excellent price, it came packed like it had been shipped from the factory. Shipping was also fast, less than a week from initiating the transaction until the item was r
olddude55 on 09/20/2007

Byrd69's feedback to olddude55 on 09/21/2007
***** As always, I appreciate the op to help out a fellow inmate. Everything went as smooth as can be expected. Thank you George! Take care.

***** I bought 20 tubes and am quite pleased with them. Gary is friendly, helpful & honest. Buying old tubes can lead to disappointment - but not with this seller. Gary wants you to be happy with your purchase & will make sure that you are. A+ Thanks Gary.
dandythomas on 03/27/2007

Byrd69's feedback to dandythomas on 03/27/2007
***** Andy was quite the gentleman while I dealt with issues on my end that lead to my delayed communcations and deliveries. I appreciate your patience & understanding Andy. Thank you so much!

***** Gary is true to his reputation. Excellent pre-sale communications and post delivery of goods. I was pleased that he took the extra time & effort required to ship to Canada. on 01/18/2007
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***** You couldn't hope to deal with a nicer, more honest seller.
elephant on 11/27/2006
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Byrd69's feedback to elephant on 12/02/2006
***** Thank you Greg for a smooth fast transaction. It's always a pleasure so send out a piece to someone like you. Have a Merry Christmas!!! Enjoy the Scott.

***** Great communications, honest, and a pleasure to deal with. Item as descirbed. Best packaging I have ever seen. Gary even sent me a refund for check for the difference between estimated and actual shipping. How about that! Thanks again Gary.
wgallupe on 11/24/2006
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***** item as discribed thanks A+++ fast shipping
cotascope on 11/12/2006

Byrd69's feedback to cotascope on 11/12/2006
***** A quick, easy transaction and quick payment for a pair of Epicure tweeters. Thanks John!!

***** Great person to buy from. Reciever in immaculate condition. Thanks!!!!!
m58dh on 08/28/2006
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***** The best person I have ever bought items from. Also one hell of a nice guy! on 08/14/2006

Byrd69's feedback to on 09/20/2006
***** Was fun providing Mark w/the 6SN7s to try. Tons of emails back/forth letting me know how the tubes were working out. Soon became a repeat buyer. Got to point that I was shipping tubes before pmt. arrived. Take care Mark! Byrd

***** A standout seller - tweeters arrived perfectly packed, in cherry condition, working great. Terrific communication, and items arrived VERY promptly. Highly recommended and would DEFINITELY buy from him again!
Roypercy on 07/22/2006
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Byrd69's feedback to Roypercy on 09/20/2006
***** Roy needed a pair EPI tweeters and it was a pleasure to help him out. Good communications, just what I look for. Take care Roy....Njoy. Byrd

***** This seller was helpful in providing me with information on some tweeters I was interested in buying. He packed them carefully and shipped them promptly. They were in good condition when I got them and worked fine. He kept his word about shipping costs
geo770 on 04/03/2006
***** Gary sent two Baldwin 12AX7 tubes to me for free. He paid the postage and went through the hassle of packing and mailing them to me during the Christmas season. Then he sent an email wishing a safe New Year. How cool is that? awesome inmate and a
JimOfOakCreek on 12/31/2005
***** DQ10 fused tweeters are flipped 180 degrees from each other in a mirror imaged pair. Pos goes thru fuse on left spkr and neg on right spkr. Pos is the third eylet on xover. Unscrew tweeter to see polarity marking.
Farkle on 11/09/2005

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